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Anston Parish Council Meeting 24th September

Anston Parish Council sinks deeper into its quagmire of incompetence, rudeness, bickering and despair.

Video from the meeting, Part one and Part two, apologies for the poor quality, I was a bit late and couldn’t set up properly!

Some high(low)lights;

1. The Council are installing their own system to record meetings, but it’s not quite finished.

2. Stuart Thornton is under investigation for various things as usual, for balance I would have to add the allegations are all from Labour Cllrs or their supporters. The local Police have told me that Labour party Cllrs have made statements against him despite not actually seeing the incident they were giving a statement about. Interesting…!

3. Cllr Burton will not be resigning despite spending quite a few years scrutinizing child protection in Rotherham.

4. Cllr St John likewise (he was a borough Cllr) and major at the time much of the abuse and trafficking was going on.

5. Many Cllrs stayed away from the meeting.

6. A local lady thinks the Anston Wells may be making children ill. I’ve been drinking it all my life and it’s never hurt me!

Anston Wars Episode 5: Thornton Strikes Back!

Not content to weather the storm from the assorted Muppets, Victor Meldrews and Ronald Weasley lookalikes on Anston Parish Council, Councillor Stuart Thornton has struck back with this statement at the recent finance meeting as reported by our correspondent Special Agent Crumpet.

“At the meeting of full Council dated 20 May 2013, Cllr Beck moved a motion to censure me.
Further, Cllr Stonebridge moved a motion to remove me from all Committees and stopped me from representing the Parish Council on outside bodies.  This motions was moved as a direct commection to the censure motion by Cllr Beck.
It has come to my attention that Cllr Beck acted alone in his actions in seeking legal advice from the YLCA, this is contrary to the Local Government  Act 1972.  Further, once he obtained that advice he chose to only share that information with members of the Labour Party who in my opinion then used that information to disadvantage a fellow councillor for personal gain.
This incident is now in the hands of my solicitor.
I believe that Cllr Beck had no authority to act as he did, nor does he have the authority to censure me over Code of Conduct issues.
I regard the censure moction invalid and thus in turn the removal from committees is also invalid.
I shall continue to attend all committee meetings as previously stated on the list of committees.  I shall continue to represent the parish council on the outside bodies I previously attended.
If I am stopped from attending any committee meeting, I will deem it the responsibility of the committee chairman for my non attendance and will seek further advice from my solicitor with a view to taking action against the individual.”

Say what you like about him, he’s got some big cahoonas, we like his style.