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Dinnington Parish Poll Result

Do you wish to allow Rotherham Council to re-draw Dinnington’s greenbelt boundaries to allow housing developers to build hundreds of new houses over the next 15 years?

Yes: 13

No: 315

Spoiled: 2

So a clear result for no building on the greenbelt but not the turnout we had hoped for unfortunately. Thank you very much to all those who voted and helped and supported the poll.

My apologies to all those who were turned away from their first polling station, I hope you stuck with it and went where they told you. Unfortunately no one told me there were specific stations for each street, let alone who should go where!

Local Referendum in Dinnington

Dinnington residents will get their chance to express their views on whether or not the town’s green belt boundaries should be re-drawn to allow developers to build 1500 new houses in the area over the next 15 years.

Removing some of Dinnington’s countryside from the green belt would allow 940 homes to be built on fields currently used for recreational walking and cycling by local people for decades. The Miner’s Welfare ground could also be lost to house building.

The remaining 600 houses would be built on brownfield sites.

We believe that 1500 homes is far too much and a far more sustainable figure would be less than half that number. This would also mean green belt would not be required.

The Referendum is a Parish Poll and all residents of Dinnington parish can vote. It will be held on May 9th at the following locations:

Dinnington Resource Centre

Dinnington St Joseph’s  School

Monksbridge Community Centre

Voting is from 4pm to 9pm, please come along and have your say!

A Local Referendum for Dinnington on Greenbelt Issues?

Dinnington residents attending the Parish Meeting on Monday April 14th will have the opportunity to vote for a Parish Poll, a local referendum to be held on whether or not Dinnington should give up large areas of its green belt for housing developments,

If at least 10 local residents ask for a poll the local authority is duty bound to call a date and give the people of Dinnington their say at the ballot box, Like all referendums, however the poll is not binding, merely an expression of opinion.

Please come and support us at the Lyric on Monday.