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Wild Flowers at the Pit Top

A waddle round Anston’s wild flower wonder!



2015-06-21 17.46.28                    2015-06-21 17.46.41


2015-06-21 17.48.15

Wallow in the pond, watch the birds, wander where the Willows weep. In any weather, rain or shine or winter wonderland, our very own wellie-free footpath heaven.

Wild flowers are in magnificent abundance during summer months with an added bonus of the rare BEE ORCHID!

What was once a mucky spoil mountain from Dinno pit is now a special easily accessible get away with wonderful rural views out to the Derbyshire peaks.

Beauty, peace and quiet free for all, folks. Keep to the paths and protect flowers and ground nesting birds. Please take all litter home and pick up after your dog.

Flowers: Bee Orchid, Common Vetch, Dog Rose, Deadly Nightshade, Creeping Thistle, Meadow Buttercup, Common Spotted Orchid and Ox-Eye Daisy.

2015-06-21 17.12.072015-06-21 17.54.09  2015-06-21 17.53.34  2015-06-21 17.29.362015-06-21 17.56.21  2015-06-21 17.44.29    2015-06-21 17.31.24  2015-06-21 17.29.13  2015-06-21 17.25.14 2015-06-21 17.25.07  2015-06-21 17.24.31  2015-06-21 17.23.532015-06-21 17.22.02

Last Weekend in Pictures

Anston Pit Top, peaceful, great view, but a little reminder too of what was once there…

2013-11-04 13.19.45

Dinnington Playing Fields hidden away behind the footy ground, would this space be better used as a park for everyone to use? It was owned by the miners until it was hoovered up like so many assets after the pit closed. Now the area is hardly used by the public.

2013-11-04 12.46.23

Rounded Saturday off by going to Rotherham to hear George Galloway speak at the Respect meeting. I’m not a member of any political party and whilst the people from Respect seemed nice they also seemed slightly naive and I wonder if they realise just what a hard sell their anti-war good old fashioned socialist message will be in this day and age.

2013-11-02 18.55.08-1