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Plans Revealed for Birkdale Avenue Playing Field

The developer Taylor Wimpey has revealed it’s plans to develop the Rotherham Council owned playing field at the end of Birkdale Avenue.


To summarise they plan to build a load of houses over it and replace it with a much smaller open space a long way from where local children play currently.

This is where the plot lies:


Having been previously told by the developer that they had no interest in the playing field I am not happy, I am also less than thrilled with Rotherham Council who seem to be willing to see what little recreational land we have left built on.

Well last week I handed in 150 evidence forms claiming the footpaths that people currently use on that land, so I hope the owners of the new houses will be OK with me walking through their back gardens and riding my bike through their dining room.

Full PDF plans are available here and here.

RMBC officers may ask Anston Parish Council to go halves on the bill for investigating Parish Hall problems

Word has reached us that Rotherham Borough Council have spent so much time and money investigating dodgy going ons at Anston Parish Council they want to send them a bill!

RMBC officers may ask Anston Parish Council to go halves on the bill for investigating things like calling the police to chuck pensioners out of meetings, insulting the public and being generally bad eggs.

Cllr Saint-John isn’t too pleased, possibly because a lot of the complaints are directed at him, wouldn’t put it past the Borough to send another bill to his door, watch out Iain!

Wonder if the police will join in and start billing them? Hundred quid per pensioner? More on this as we get it!

A New Housing Development for South Anston?

A planning application currently before Rotherham Council proposes building 9 new houses in a small rabbit hutch-esque fashion on the A57 at South Anston.

Go here for details on the proposal and here for a map.

Access to the new houses would be directly on to the A57 which doesn’t sound like a good idea to me!

No sign of the affordable houses Jo Burton keeps promising either, looks like all of them will be strictly un-affordable to me!

Comment on the application and have your say here.

Mr Lewis again…

Local political activist Brian Lewis has objected to poorly disguised campaign literature shoved through his front door by than none other than Jo Burton herself, one of his local councillors in Anston.

Perhaps it was the fact that some of his taxes had paid for printing of said document (don’t forget some of our tax dollars go to the local labour party via the allowances paid to ward councillors).

Maybe he’s still bitter at having the Police called when he dared to shout out at Dominic Beck?

Or maybe he’d just had enough BS for one week, we’re not sure but it led him to issue an ultimatum to Cllr Burton, remove the literature or pay a weekly storage fee!

It’s an interesting move and Mr Lewis’s legal team (the regulars who hand around outside the Parish Hall afterwards) were not altogether sure of success should it go to the courts.

This didn’t stop Mr Lewis though (nothing does really, let’s face it) and he is totting up the fee week by week.

“The one positive thing is when I hung it on the mantelpiece it kept the kids away from the fire” said Mr Lewis, failing to explain why he has the fire on in August…!

More on this as further news reaches us…

Help Help I’m Being Attacked! By a Sheep!

I would like the right of reply to Councillor Jo Burton who has sent two letters to the local newspapers recently to criticise myself and other local people who care about what happens in Dinnington and Anston.

Jo is of course a Labour Councillor and is up for re-election next year in the Anston and Woodsetts ward.

Let me take the points she makes in her letters one by one:

She says she fought hard for our greenbelt. What? Jo, along with her colleagues deliberately kept this off the agenda at Anston Parish Council for months to avoid embarrassing the Rotherham Labour Party.

She tricked a meeting of Anston Parishioners into voting for “no building on greenbelt until all brownfield land is used” despite the fact that this is actually not possible.

There is no “brownfield first” rule any more, that’s why we fought so hard to keep land in the greenbelt Jo!

I have written to Jo to ask her to give me some details of the meetings and “negotiations” she claimed to have taken part in. She has failed to provide any such details or explain why she is making false promises to “those who have directly experienced the housing crisis” (her words) by saying they can have affordable housing if they agree to building on our countryside!

For the hundredth time, the houses will be private! The government is removing the obligation on the developers to provide affordable properties, oops, did she miss that out?

If she doubts any of my facts I challenge her to a public debate, any time anywhere.

She blames all our woes on government cut backs, yet it was still the same when Labour ran the country, and although RMBC’s pot has undoubtedly shrunk we still do not get our fair share of it, that is the point we continuously make!

She actually has the nerve to say we have a great bus service! What happened to the motorway buses, Jo? We now have slow buses only to Sheffield, the place where our young people have the greatest chance of finding work. She says bus companies aren’t controlled by the Council, true, but SYPTE is run by Labour Councillors.

She then goes into a UKIP rant. Can’t help you there Jo, I’m not a member of any political party, but I know UKIP are circling your ward seat like vultures as they recognise a weak person when they see one. The Tories and Independents are thinking the same way too!

I reckon that over the last fours years Jo has cost taxpayers somewhere in the region of fifty grand in salary and expenses (Oh yes, Councillors do get paid, she left that bit out didn’t she!?)

Some of her allowance is then paid to the local Labour party. So when their propaganda leaflets come through your door next time you know who paid for it. Yes, us, the tax payer!

If you think what Jo has done over the last four years is worth fifty grand then by all means I would encourage you to vote for her. If not you might want to look at the other names on the ballot.

Jo and her mates on the Council don’t fight for us, they are like cattle being herded together by their masters in Rotherham, and they always move in the direction of the TROUGH!

Give up your countryside, tell a few fibs to the locals and BING! Another 50k, thank you very much!

Jo’s letter and my own are attached below for reference.

Burton Reply


Jo’s second letter, this time in the Guardian.

Jo’s Reply to me

Dinnington’s Broken Relationship with RMBC

At a time when national politics is focussing on our (possibly?) broken relationship with Europe, Dinnington and Anston politics, I feel should be looking towards our most definitely broken relationship with Rotherham Borough Council.

It feels to me like RMBC are essentially pulling out of Dinnington and Anston, they are closing the Service Centre, we have no public swimming or leisure centre and the state of our roads gets worse every year. Dinnington is supposed to be a town but has a very rural bus service!

Our Borough Councillors are not helping matters, Councillors Falvey and Havenhand in Dinnington and Dalton and Burton in Anston should be off fighting our cause in Rotherham, instead they are basically told what will happen to Dinnington and sent back to tell us all the bad news and trot out the Labour party line.

They act like Imperial Viceroys reigning over us while the real decisions are taken at the Borough by their political masters, any awkward questions at Dinnington Town Council or Anston Parish are brushed off by political guff from RMBC crib sheets and sly complacent smiles.

We don’t want Councillors who care first and foremost for their own standing in their political party, we want them to be fighting for us! Has anyone noticed how all these “consultations” RMBC launch in Dinnington and Anston invariably end the same way? With RMBC doing what they were going to do anyway?

We are a “Principal Township” when it comes to building new houses on our countryside. When it comes to library hours, service centres and leisure facilities it’s all forgotten.

The only way to break this cycle of events is for us to change the way we vote, that’s the only language the comrades in Rotherham will understand. Anston saw a glimmer of hope last year when Clive Jepson defeated the every so slightly slimy Darren Hughes. We need the same thing to happen again and I would call on anyone who would like to stand as an independent candidate in next years elections and put the people first to do just that. Many people in Dinnington and Anston would support them.

And it would send the right message to Rotherham, don’t take us for granted or you will end up with another bloody nose.