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Dinnington Welfare to be Lost? High Nook and Leicester Road to be Joined?

In our latest article on forthcoming house building plans for Dinnington we focus on the Lorden’s Hill area and the Miners Welfare in particular.


The Welfare is not just the now demolished Park House of course, it consists of a large recreational field and is owned by a massive charity called CISWO. It was of course originally owned by the Dinnington miners but after the coal mining industry collapsed CISWO went around hoovering up assets and managed to grab themselves quite an empire. The land is currently greenbelt.

Now a secret deal has been reached in Dinnington to allow the demolition of Park House to go ahead unopposed and for a third of the welfare to be sold to housing developers. Some of the money would hopefully return to the town to allow the building of another community centreĀ on the site. CISWO would still retain ownership of all the land.

The deal is supported by Dinnington Town Council, Kevin Barron MP and CISCO, along with some local citizens of Dinnington. No guarantee exists as far as we know that the money will find it’s way back here, or how much of it the town will get.

As part of the wider development Leicester Road may be joined onto the High Nook estate, although as far as we are aware residents are yet to be consulted about these plans.

Across the road from the welfare is a further piece of greenbelt coloured blue on the photo, this will be reserved for future houses beyond 2028.

Please let us know your opinions on the plan, what do YOU think would be god for the area?