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Housing Plans for Dinnington and Anston Revealed!

The final chapter of the Local Plan consultation has now begun! Rotherham council have revealed full details of the sites that will see new housing and commercial development over the next 15 years, much of it on our green belt.


Some of the highlights:

1. 240 new homes on fields behind Wentworth Way, Wentworth Way to be converted to a through road to service the development.

2. Hundreds of new homes at Throapham on fields behind Dinno Comp.

3. Miners Welfare ground to be partially sold to housing developers after a secret deal struck by Dinnington Town Council and MP Kevin Barron.

4. New industrial estate on green belt fields near Todwick Crossroads.

5. Pasture land in Anston to be used to housing.

6. Gypsy Camp to be built in South Anston near Kiveton Station.

Have your say on the proposals by clicking here.


Anston Parish Council Pour Poo Poo on Tesco Rumours

It felt like a war of attrition tonight at Anston Parish Council as Cllrs and Agitators alike lost theirs rags and in some cases stomped out early from a venom filled poison fest of a Parish Council meeting.

The Council’s bussed in support barely made it past the starting line.

1. Councillors cautiously welcome the possibility of an extension to the side of the Cutler pub, saying it could bring business into the area. Much scorn was poured on the rumour that Tesco may acquire the site, time will well.

2. Councillor Jo Burton lamented the (possible) loss of Anston’s Sure Start centre, when asked why she voted for it in the full Council budget she fumbled and blamed the government, Wonder if she voted to cut her own allowances as well? No thought not!

3. Cllr Brindley says many of the Sure Start children come from “suspect families” which I’m sure will endear her to all those who attend. My wife went to Sure Start centres, does that make us “suspect”? On second thoughts leave that one!

4. A presentation by the “Independent Person” appointed by RMBC to sort out the wrong doings at the Council was given a mixed reception. Whilst most Cllrs and members of the public wanted him to continue there was grumblings that complaints were being brushed under the carpet.

5. Cllr Jo Burton admitted finally that she was talking tosh when she offered to make all the housing developers use brown field land before raiding the greenbelt. Glad you finally read the law and caught up with the rest of us Jo!

There was more but I made my excuses and left before my soul was further corrupted and hightailed it back to Dinno.

Rotherham Labour Party Target Dinnington Greenbelt Again!

Rotherham Council have unveiled their latest “consultation” in responses to comments made on their local plan by a government inspector who must approve before the house building on greenbelt extravaganza can begin.

Housing and Employment Land Distribution 2013 - 2028

Some highlights:

1. No priority given to brownfield first, lots of people even greenbelt campaigners believed the Council when they said they would go brownfield first, but they have now confirmed what a lot of us always knew, there is no instrument left in planning law to do this.

Therefore developers can leave brownfield sites derelict and go straight to green field.

2. The Council intend to set the level of Community Infrastructure Levy (a charge developers must pay to contribute to local infrastructure) ridiculously low in Dinnington and North Anston. It will be cheaper for developers to build on our countryside than derelict council estates in Sheffield.

3. An extra 200 and odd houses planned for Dinnington, the majority on greenbelt with no investment in local amenities and infrastructure.

4. No new retail developments, just 16% of Rotherham’s industrial units that will be moved out here.

5. Five percent of all houses in Rotherham to be built on our green belt.

Have your say on the consultation HERE.

A Walk in Anston Stones to Dead Man’s Cave

2013-12-28 12.43.13I’ve walked through Anston Stones before many times, but I don’t think I’ve ever fully appreciated the stunning variety and character of the woods, the hills, the caves and limestone crags and the railway which makes it such a great place for a walk.

Owned by Anston Parish Council and recognised by local and central government as a Local Nature Reserve and a Site of Special Scientific Interest the value of the stones are well appreciated.

Like a miniature Stanage Edge in places I’m surprised not to see climbers trying the crags out and despite the quite close proximity of the busy A57 you get a great sense of solitude. The railway and bridges adds massively to the character and I wonder should the railway ever been abandoned and dismantled what great things could be done with the track bed, a cycle way perhaps?

Dead Man’s Cave lends a spooky and macabre element to the proceedings and you can have endless fun scrambling up banks and crags on all fours trying to reach hard to see places and explore.

See our video here from the depths of Dead Man’s Cave!

2013-12-28 12.20.50

2013-12-28 12.47.35

We are Proud to Launch our Footpaths Campaign!

Rotherham Council are making plans to build over 240 houses on the greenbelt land behind Birkdale Avenue, Wentworth Way, Turnberry Way, Belfry Way and Moortown Avenue


219 Close

This land has been used by local residents for walking, cycling and horse riding for decades, but none of the footpaths we use are legally recognised, therefore access to many of the footpaths could be lost if the houses are built.

We would like to see the local paths recognised legally by having them placed on the Council’s definitive map. You can help by filling in the witness statement on our leaflet if you have used any of the footpaths shown overleaf for the last 20 years or more. We will then present this to the Council as evidence that the paths should be entered onto the definitive map. The Council have a legal duty to investigate our claims.

We are distributing our leaflet locally to ask for support from the immediate community who use these paths regularly (or semi-regularly, that’s still valid!) You can ALSO DOWNLOAD IT HERE!

The slick, sophisticated marketing machine at our disposal has swung into action (me on my bike)

The paths are shown below:


  1. Lakeland Drive bus stop to Swinston Hill Woods, following field boundary behind Turnberry Way, Wentworth Way and on following power lines.
  2. Swinston Hill Road to boundary of field, linking up with footpath 1.
  3. Birkdale Avenue to Swinston Hill footpath across playing fields and also diagonally across playing fields.
  4. Birkdale Avenue to field boundary passing entrance to Wentworth Way.
  5. From gate at Wentworth Way across field to link with footpaths 1 and 2.
  6. Swinston Hill Woods to Lakeland Drive across fields arriving near Fairways shop.

To enter a valid claim for these footpaths we need to prove at least 20 years usage.

If you would like to take part please download the leaflet HERE!

Rotherham Council Announce Housebuilding Sites for Dinno! The Wait is Over! (Updated)

The consultation for the final lap is now here and we can reproduce RMBC’s plan for Dinno below:


Just a quick point to dispel a myth that keeps going around… None of these houses will be built by the Council, they are all private. RMBC would like us to think they can use existing laws to force the developer to build them 20% affordable or social, but the government is in the process of abolishing this rule. Greenbelt sites are prime locations and will almost certainly provide 4-5 bedroom “executive” homes.

First thoughts:

They appear to have dropped the idea of a massive urban extension near Lakeland Drive.

300 new houses for Throapham now, Another 500 later?

240 new houses for Lakeland Drive

What is happening to Dinnington Rec Ground?

Space for 200 or so houses reserved in Anston

New Gypsy camp for Kiveton? (See below)



RMBC downloads

Settlement Map for Dinno/Anston

Details for Dinno

Settlement Map for Kiveton

Details for Kivvo

How to have Your Say on Housebuilding Proposals


People all over the borough will be receiving the email below if they have registered on previous consultations.

Like all RMBC consultations they have probably made their mind up already so will not change their minds without a lot of pressure from voters.

Please do express your opinion on the plans, this is a once in a 15 year opportunity

Dear Sir/Madam

•        Would you like to know where new homes are planned in your area?

•        Are you interested in where new jobs will be created?

Then you need to read this email. The Council are drawing up a new Local Plan for the whole of Rotherham borough. We need your views to help us improve the draft plan.

To find out more simply visit our website at http://www.rotherham.gov.uk/localplan or come along to a public drop-in session near you. Read on for full details of events and how to comment on the draft plan.

What is it?

Since 2009 we have consulted at various times on potential sites for new homes, shopping, employment and other new development inRotherham. These are shown in a Sites & Policies document. We now have a draft plan that we think shows the most suitable sites to take forward. These sites are needed to meet the targets for new homes and jobs shown in the Local Plan’s Core Strategy.

We have also drafted policies to guide decision making on future planning applications.

Where can I see it?

The consultation starts on Monday 20 May and closes on Monday 29 July 2013.

We are holding public drop-in sessions throughout the Borough to show the detail of our proposals, to answer any questions and discuss individual sites for each community. Full details are given below – come along and talk to us about the draft plan.

Date Community area Time Venue

30 May 2013

Wickersley / Bramley 14:30 – 18:30 Wickersley Community Centre

4 June 2013

Anston 14:30 – 18:30 Anston Parish Hall

6 June 2013

Rawmarsh 14:30 – 18:30 Rawmarsh High Street Centre

10 June 2013

Maltby / Hellaby 14:30 – 18:30 Maltby Full Life Church

13 June 2013

Aston, Aughton, Swallownest 14:30 – 18:30 Aston Parish Hall

18 June 2013

Kiveton Park and Wales 14:30 – 18:30 Wales Village Hall

20 June 2013

Dinnington 14:30 – 18:30 Dinnington Resource Centre

25 June 2013

Rotherham Urban Area 14:30 – 18:30 Broom Lane Methodist Church

27 June 2013

Ravenfield / Bramley 14:30 – 18:30 Ravenfield Parish Hall

29 June 2013

Bassingthorpe Farm 13:00 – 17:00 Greasbrough Town Hall

5 July 2013

Wath / Brampton / Swinton 14:30 – 18:30 Wath Montgomery Hall

10 July 2013

Rotherham Town Centre 14:30 – 18:30 MyPlace, St Ann’s Roundabout

You can also see the draft plan at these places during office hours:

•           Customer Service Centre, Riverside House, Main Street, Rotherham

•           Customer Service Centre, Station Street, Swinton

•           Customer Service Centre, New Street, Dinnington

•           Customer Service Centre, Braithwell Road, Maltby

•           Customer Service Centre, Worksop Road, Aston

•           Customer Service Centre, Barbers Avenue, Rawmarsh

•           All libraries in the Borough (normal opening times)

We want your views

Comments should be made by 5pm Monday 29 July 2013 using our online consultation system at http://rotherham.limehouse.co.uk/portal

For further information or help please contact us:

Phone: 01709 823869 Rotherham MBCPlanning Policy Planning and Regeneration ServiceRiverside House

Main Street


Fax: 01709 372419
Email: planning.policy@rotherham.gov.uk
Web: www.rotherham.gov.uk/localplan

Yours faithfully

Roger Stone
Leader of the Council

Dinnington Town Council AGM 13/05/2013

It’s Monday the thirteenth which may be unlucky for some, but surely not for us as we are off to Dinnington Town Council which is usually a civilised affair.

If we were off to the Parish Hall I’d be packing my body armour and taking at least 12 sick bags, but these cares are far from our heart in the lovely Lyric.

There’s a good-ish attendance as the Cllrs roll in, Judy Dalton has paid us a visit as a member of the public as have Bodie and Doyle, aka Cllrs Jepson and Thornton. Judy hasn’t brought her fan club with her, must be their night off. We also have Save our Greenbelt and Dave Smith and Mr Lewis present, so here we go!

This is the AGM so the Chair Cllr Pauline Davies kicks off with a brief summary of the year past, she also announces she will not be standing for another term and so her reign ends. The torch and the chain passes to Cllr Ralph McIver, Pauline volunteers to move down the bench to Vice Chair so they have essentially swapped places.

We move on to the public forum with a question from Save our Greenbelt who ask the Council to request a clean-up of the Timber Yard building site.

My question is whether or not the Council will consider obtaining two RMBC assets that the Borough seem to want rid of, the Birkdale Playing Fields and RMBC Service Centre.

Dave Smith is next and starts with a stinging attack on the way the meeting is being conducted. No minutes or agenda are provided on the web site and the public and Cllrs are having to share agendas at the meeting or the public would have had nothing to look at. He welcomes the socialist spirit of sharing present in the room, however.

He continues with his actual question: What do the Council think to the closure of the Service Centre?

Cllr Jepson (the Dinno one) jumps in and says the consultation was a sham and the Borough had made their minds up before it started. Comments are made but the Borough Cllrs Falvey and Havenhand are made very conspicuous by their silence.

Only when directly asked by Mr Smith does Cllr Falvey jump to their defence and says they constantly fight for Dinnington and it could have been worse.

Cllr Russell defends the two Borough Cllrs, but this doesn’t go down very well with the public and frankly I don’t blame them. Labour Borough Cllrs in this part of the world act like Imperial Viceroys, commands are handed down from the Borough and they come back to take their seats in Dinnington and break the bad news to us. It’s something we are seeing again and again, instead of aggressively representing our cause at the Borough they are merely Labour policy apologists and it’s high time it changed.

The public session ends with Save our Greenbelt protesting that they have not been allowed to speak, ooops move on!

The state of the roads are mentioned and lamented, however Cllr Falvey jumps in here as well to defend the Borough, oh God.

Cllr Tweed has arrived by now to bring the Boroughs up to full strength so on we plough.

Next up the Parishes in the south of the Borough have joined up and requested that RMBC improve their communications to all concerned. The request was made in April and no reply has been forthcoming. An incredulous silence is only broken when Dave Smith asks for clarification  as even he can’t believe what he just heard.

The Local Plan is discussed and Cllrs informed that the RMBC road show on 20 June will be accompanied by additional days at the Lyric put on by the Town Council to make sure everyone gets to hear of the plans.

Cllr Jepson asks if cabinet members from RMBC might also be invited but Cllr Falvey again jumps in and says the existing arrangements are OK. She also appeared to suggest at one stage that Council officers attending the event would be expressing Council opinion rather than just providing facts and listening to residents. When challenged by Mr Smith she said this was not what she intended to say.

This does raise an interesting question as she definitely did say something along the lines of “Cllrs and officers can give the public information to help them form their own opinion, rather than the opinions of others.”

This does seem a possible dig at the various protest groups which have been campaigning against the plans for some time now. If anyone feels I’m wrong here please feel free to comment.

Lastly the possibility of the Town Council acquiring the RMBC Service Centre, the Council is split on this, some like Cllr Wardle say that we should not have to buy what is provided free to other towns. Good point.

Cllr Tweed says it could be a good opportunity for Dinnington to acquire an excellent resource. OK, yep good point.

The now Vice Chair Cllr Davies says that RMBC should give it away to Dinnington. Bloody good point!

Cllr Wardle laments at the lack of support shown to Dinnington and once again the tiresome Cllr Falvey is there to defend the Borough. Sorry but it’s getting boring.

The public half of the meeting ends as the Cllrs descend to private session, we advise Ralph to get a few more links on his chain, Ali G is mentioned at one point but it’s all in good fun as we depart for the post meeting post mortem on the pavement.

A full helping of debate and intrigue with none of the nastiness and poison spitting that you usually find over the border  Hurrah.

An Open Letter to Anston Parish Council from Tim Wells

Local resident Tim Wells has copied us into this open letter to Anston Parish Council. We are pleased to reproduce it here, Tim is not the first person to challenge the parish council on their reluctance to openly discuss this issue and we applaud his efforts.

Dear Dominic
I feel as though I am having the wool pulled over my eyes by the Parish council.  The reason for this letter being an open letter sent to the local guardian and forwww.lovedinnington.com to put on their web site.
At the meeting which was cancelled after the police were called, a lady asked you to vote for or against the core strategy in the question time.  At the re adjourned meeting I confirmed with you in the closing questions that a vote would happen at the next meeting and you confirmed to everybody in attendance, that would be the case.
However at the next meeting you walked around the vote without having it.  Even though a number of independents, voiced their opposition to building on the greenbelt.
I ask at the next Parish meeting in May, that you put on the Agenda an item to vote for or against the core strategy and the vote be recorded.
Dinnington have already voted completely against the core strategy and it is time that Anston Parish council stick their neck out and do so.  Before any further houses are built in Anston, there has to be consideration of schooling, congestion on roads, services and an area of land set aside for a civic centre for Anston.  RMBC need to plan more sustainable communities, not massive housing estates with no soul, we aren’t part of Rotherham.
Building on the greenbelt should be the very last option, if at all.  The houses we really require around here, are 1 and 2 bedroom houses, which would enable larger houses to be freed up for young families.  Rather than building across fields, it is important to utilise existing brown field sites, which are plentiful in Rotherham and Sheffield and where traditional industry no longer exists.  It is perhaps a time for people to move back into towns and city’s, the opposite to what happened in the 60’s and 70’s, after much industrial land became vacant.
As a country we need to become more sustainable and start to grow more of our own food, we have lost over 5 farms since I came to Anston in 1966.  Farming land is important for food and to allow people around here to feel as though they do live in the countryside, not urban sprawl.
I await you confirming that a vote will take place at the next Parish meeting?
Yours in anticipation