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Wind Turbine Application to Dinnington Town Council

Dinnington Rugby Club have applied (twice now I believe) to Dinnington Town Council to ask permission to build a wind turbine on the Leys Lane site they from DTC.

This proposal was discussed and quashed in Monday’s DTC meeting as members voted against hearing further proposals.

The size of the turbine and other details were not discussed, if anyone has any details please let us know.

Rotherham Council to Introduce Compulsory Licensing of Landlords in Dinnington?

RMBC are to consult on whether it would be a good idea to introduce a compulsory licensing scheme for landlords in certain parts of Rotherham and Dinnington is one of the areas under consideration.

This would mean private landlords having to register with the Council and would attract a fee, details of the consultation are here.

The idea is to tackle social problems caused in certain areas by certain tenants and to reduce the turnover of private rental properties and create a more stable and cohesive population in certain areas.

The fees would go towards funding new Council posts for officers who would tackle problems and enforce the scheme.

If you are a landlord or tenant make sure you express your opinion on the proposed changes.

From the Council documents:

Dinnington Super Output Areas
The areas highlighted green cover the Super Output Areas which are identified as suffering from low housing demand and have high rates of privately rented accommodation. The map on the following page is the boundary map for the proposed selective licensing area.




Dinnington proposed Selective Licensing Area
The area outlined in red is the area where a Selective Licensing Designation is proposed.



Dave Smith fires the last shot of 2013

Unfortunately I missed the last meeting of Dinnington Town Council, but you can read what happened in the attached article from the Advertiser.

Dave Smith, a well known local political activist decided he had had enough of the tendency at DTC to discuss virtually every important issue in secret session. He was clearly in a mood to take a stand and did so!


Photos and Thoughts of (not so) Old Dinnington

Saw this thought provoking piece by a Dinnington-born photographer Stuart Bingham and thought I would share.


“Seeing one of the most important places of your childhood in a complete state of dereliction is a saddening thing.”

“The destruction of the ‘welfare’ is not, as some would have it, a comment of modern youth.  It is a sad indictment of modern adulthood.”

“That modern men and families have allowed the building to descend in to its current state is the really shame and stands as a testament to what has been lost, not just in Dinnington, but in working class communities across the north of England.”

Have your say on RMBC spending!

Got the following email today from RMBC, they are having to make yet more savings over the next few years and are inviting the public to take part in a consultation on what to cut and what to keep.

I’m sure we all have our own pets hates and loves so dig in and have your say!

2013-10-20 14.00.30

Good Afternoon,

As somebody who gave time to helping with a previous Council consultation, I hope that you will be interested in giving your opinions on a matter that affects everybody in Rotherham. I hope you have time to go to our online forum to contribute to the discussions that are already taking place about the budget.

Budget consultation

Money matters

Rotherham Council has been required to make cuts over the last few years, as part of the Government’s drive to reduce public debt. Due to the decrease in funding given to us, the next two years will see even more changes. The total cuts under the current government will amount to over 100 million, that’s 39% of our total budget. These cuts have affected places like Rotherham more than other parts of the country. We have done all we can to lessen the impact onRotherham people but the next two years are going to be even more difficult.

This is an issue for everybody who lives in Rotherham and we want to ask for your ideas and advice on the best way to spend your money. We must also look for new and different ways of delivering services in order to ensure value for money. This is your chance to have a say.

Get Involved   

Go onto the online forum where you can talk with others about your views

Or make a suggestion on ways we could save money

Many thanks in anticipation of your contributions.

Karl Battersby

Strategic Director
Environment and Development Services

01709 823815

Have I Got News for You!

A quick round up of local issues covered in the ‘Tiser this week!

First up the opinion leader gives Anston Parish Council yet another spanking, they must have a super sore ass by now!


and second we have the controversy surrounding the Parish Council’s land purchase, apparently the chairman doesn’t know whether the land he just spent 250k on is greenbelt or not? Take it he wasn’t head hunted from NASA then?


Thirdly we have the continuing saga of the standard of behaviour at the Parish, mostly councillors at fault but probably the public letting go as well when frustration sets in. It’s reached the point where even RMBC don’t know what to do with them, although that didn’t stop them from asking for cash to fund the investigation!


And lastly an RMBC cabinet member came to Dinnington Town Council this month to tell us about the plans for the nursing homes in our area. He was met with much scepticism, especially when he insisted that no one was made redundant against their wishes. Dave Smith and others clashed with this viewpoint, saying the move from part time to full time posts means many were laid off by default.


That’s about it for now, let’s hope the many words don’t fall on deaf ears!

Bring back the motorway buses to Sheffield!

Get a Grip Jo Burton and Dinnington Town Council!

We are in the local paper again!

and so is Jo Burton, slagging off local campaigners, AGAIN!

I have for ages been hassling Dinnington Town Council to get SYPTE along to a meeting to explain why our “Principal Town” (according to RMBC) lost its motorway buses years ago and now shares a rural connection to Sheffield with every man and his dog in between!

Sheffield is the largest employment centre in our area and I go there every day to work, I see jobs that young kids in Dinnington and Anston could be doing taken by foreign workers (not that I have anything against immigration as such, but importing a work force with 3 million on the dole is bloody stupid!)

For gods sake can we please have a decent Sheffield bus connection as soon as possible please, Dinnington Town Council get off your asses and chase up SYPTE like I asked you to in April, and Councillor Jo Burton stop apologising for mediocre service and do something useful!

SYPTE is run by your Labour cronies so get on the phone and see if you can do some good for a change!

SYPTE are saying to me that they can not even consider a subsidised motorway bus as it would compete with the commercial X5 which they withdrew subsidy from this summer. You couldn’t make it up.

Enough of my ranting, the article in question is here.

New A57 Edges Close to Completion EXCLUSIVE VIDEO!

The next stage of the mammoth A57 improvements to link Todwick and the M1 with a new roundabout and dual carriageway move on apace with the partial opening of the new road! Motorists can now use the new route, albeit in single carriageway mode for now.

See our clip from our maiden voyage this morning, ignore the time/date on the video, my dashcam is a bit dicky!

Facebook Video

We are Proud to Launch our Footpaths Campaign!

Rotherham Council are making plans to build over 240 houses on the greenbelt land behind Birkdale Avenue, Wentworth Way, Turnberry Way, Belfry Way and Moortown Avenue


219 Close

This land has been used by local residents for walking, cycling and horse riding for decades, but none of the footpaths we use are legally recognised, therefore access to many of the footpaths could be lost if the houses are built.

We would like to see the local paths recognised legally by having them placed on the Council’s definitive map. You can help by filling in the witness statement on our leaflet if you have used any of the footpaths shown overleaf for the last 20 years or more. We will then present this to the Council as evidence that the paths should be entered onto the definitive map. The Council have a legal duty to investigate our claims.

We are distributing our leaflet locally to ask for support from the immediate community who use these paths regularly (or semi-regularly, that’s still valid!) You can ALSO DOWNLOAD IT HERE!

The slick, sophisticated marketing machine at our disposal has swung into action (me on my bike)

The paths are shown below:


  1. Lakeland Drive bus stop to Swinston Hill Woods, following field boundary behind Turnberry Way, Wentworth Way and on following power lines.
  2. Swinston Hill Road to boundary of field, linking up with footpath 1.
  3. Birkdale Avenue to Swinston Hill footpath across playing fields and also diagonally across playing fields.
  4. Birkdale Avenue to field boundary passing entrance to Wentworth Way.
  5. From gate at Wentworth Way across field to link with footpaths 1 and 2.
  6. Swinston Hill Woods to Lakeland Drive across fields arriving near Fairways shop.

To enter a valid claim for these footpaths we need to prove at least 20 years usage.

If you would like to take part please download the leaflet HERE!

Rotherham Council Announce Housebuilding Sites for Dinno! The Wait is Over! (Updated)

The consultation for the final lap is now here and we can reproduce RMBC’s plan for Dinno below:


Just a quick point to dispel a myth that keeps going around… None of these houses will be built by the Council, they are all private. RMBC would like us to think they can use existing laws to force the developer to build them 20% affordable or social, but the government is in the process of abolishing this rule. Greenbelt sites are prime locations and will almost certainly provide 4-5 bedroom “executive” homes.

First thoughts:

They appear to have dropped the idea of a massive urban extension near Lakeland Drive.

300 new houses for Throapham now, Another 500 later?

240 new houses for Lakeland Drive

What is happening to Dinnington Rec Ground?

Space for 200 or so houses reserved in Anston

New Gypsy camp for Kiveton? (See below)



RMBC downloads

Settlement Map for Dinno/Anston

Details for Dinno

Settlement Map for Kiveton

Details for Kivvo