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Throapham set to (almost) double in size?

Housing developers are seeking to open a new housing development in Dinnington which would be the largest by far since Limelands.


The fields surrounding Dinnington High are all now earmarked for building, with the one next to Throapham woods coming forward first. This would be initial development in the range of 250-350 homes, depending on density and would over 10-15 years scale up to an eventual total of around 850.

How sustainable this will be depends on lots of factors, not least the local market. Housing in Dinnington is by and large pretty inexpensive and in good supply. Any housing developer entering this market won’t want to flood the area with hundreds of houses all at once, after all why drive down the price of the commodity that you’re selling.

More likely that even this initial development will be phased over 3-5 years, like the one due to begin at Wentworth Way. Homes will be built gradually and sold as they go, with new residents moving in while building work progresses on the surrounding houses.

Let us now what your opinion is, do you welcome new homes and new people to the area, or are you conscious of the increased pressure on roads or school places? Leave your comments below!

What the Frack!

The barbarians have appeared on the horizon in the lovely village of Woodsetts in the shape of INEOS, the company who want to frack the hell out of South Yorkshire.


Gas drillers INEOS have followed up their appalling proposal for a test well in Harthill’s countryside with a second site for test drilling, just down the road from us in Woodsetts. This will only be the beginning as they look to embark on a 5 year rape of our countryside in both locations with a drilling rig the size of Big Ben.

Our local politicians have come running to our aid yet again with local Councillors doing what they always seem to so (f**k all frankly) and our MP Kevin Bas… I mean Barron still picking the splinters out of his arse from sitting on the fence.

The Harthill well has progressed to a full planning proposal whereas the Woodsetts site is still in the very preliminary stages.

The wells are not fracking as such, at least not yet. They are applying for a 5 year visit to drill a vertical shaft about 3000 metres into the earth to recover a core sample of the local geology. They will then use the well for a series of tests to further determine the viability of wholesale gas extraction via the controversial fracking technique.

What can locals expect from the 5 year stay?

  1. Lots of extra heavy traffic on the roads, up to 60 lorries per day at busy times.
  2. Noise from the 24 hour operation and diesel fumes from lorries and massive on site generators.
  3. The charming site of a 60m tall drilling rig, along with cranes.
  4. Possible long term ecological damage from an untested and experimental technique.

It’s quite hard to see an upside at the moment, we will be doing a series of articles on how to object to the planning application when it appears. In the meantime please tell your friends and urge your elected representatives to get behind local people for once and oppose this madness.

Both villages have active campaigns (links below) and I would encourage you all to give them every support you can.

Drill or Drop anti-fracking site

Woodsetts Anti Fracking Group

Harthill Against Fracking

The Bas… Sorry I mean INEOS

INEOS leaflet

INEOS on how they will run the site in Woodsetts


Dinnington Police Station to Close!

Dinnington Police Station is officially closing!

Run down for decades the building is now merely a base for the very small team of PCSOs left in Rother Valley South. But now we will be losing it altogether as confirmed by the Area Commander at the latest Rother Valley South Area Assembly meeting in Woodsetts.

Also in attendance was the Police Commissioner who gave a rather uncertain and not very confident speech about the need to save money and cut back on services. He said the future would be sharing of facilities with the other blue light services like ambulance and fire, which are not to be found anywhere near Dinnington either!

Our beleaguered PCSOs (no Constables or Sergeant are now to be found in Dinnington at all) will be based for part of their day at the Dinnington Resource Centre. This seems to have become a theme, if you want to cut a service or close a building move it there.

At least folks can have a read in the library while they wait for the fuzz to show up. Also don’t expect any out of hours services, there won’t be any!

Our suggestion? Why don’t the Police rent a couple of houses to use as bases in Dinnington? suitable roads which spring to mind would be Leicester Road and Doe Quarry Terrace. The rents are low and the Police would have very little distance to travel to their ummm…. “customer base”

Not that we are suggesting everyone on these streets are criminals, but we have spoken to many people from these roads who would welcome a larger Police presence, not the cut down service we seem to be destined for.

Just our 2p……


New Houses for Central Dinnington

A couple of new sites have emerged for housing in central Dinnington near Tesco. They are green space, but not protected greenbelt and are bound to be less controversial than others as they are near to public transport and shopping.


If you have any opinion on these sites or others be sure to let Rotherham Council know as there is only a few weeks left on the consultation. Do you use any of the land we’ve covered for your recreation, or would you like to buy a house there? Either way have your say here.

Dinnington Miners Welfare to Rise Again???

The Bulldozers moved to demolish the remains of Park House, the Dinnington Miner’s Welfare this week but sources involved in the recent secret meeting between Kevin Barron MP, Dinnington Town Council and the Coal Industry Social Welfare Organisation (CISWO) indicated today that a new Miners Welfare could rise from the ashes.

2013-10-20 13.54.25

The price to be paid? One third of the prime land surrounding the institute must be sold to developers to build new houses adjacent to the High Nook estate.

Dinnington Town Council and The Friends of the Miners Welfare group led by Cllr Steve Scott are understood to have green lighted the demolition on condition that the Town Council be given a 100 year lease on the remaining two thirds of the land and some of the proceeds from the land sale be invested into Park House II (our name not theirs)

However not all of the Town Council were present at the meeting so it is unclear how they as a body have agreed to this undertaking. Also a split has opened in the Friends of the Miners Welfare group as two of their membership were thrown out of the meeting when Sir Kev spat his dummy out and refused to tolerate their presence.

A source close to Sir Kev explained that there is precious little love between our local MP and firebrand ex NUM official Dave Smith which may go some way to explaining events.

Meanwhile Dinnington Town Council will at its next meeting consider this application to knock Park House down. WHY HAVE A PLANNING APPLICATION TO KNOCK DOWN A BUILDING WHICH IS NOW A SMOKING CRATER?


Muppetry becomes mayhem as we try to make sense of this Barronesk carbuncle of blunders.

Children’s Centre “Counsultation” in Dinnington

The consultation event at Dinnington Community Primary was a bit of an eye opener, this was of course our chance to find out about the plans to close children’s centres in Dinnington, Anston, Kiveton and Thurcroft, and a chance for all to air their views.

Parents and staff from the Children’s Centre were joined by local ward councillors, town councillors and two members of the actual cabinet from the Town Hall itself, Children’s Services supremo Paul Larkin and Deputy Leader Jahangir Akhtar.

Local activist Dave Smith was also present and was unsympathetic to the Council’s case for closing all the Children’s Centres in the Rother Valley South Area. Cllr Larkin threatened to close the meeting and take his ball in if any one tried to make a political point, Cllr Akhtar accused Mr Smith of showing no respect (A bit rich given Cllr Akhtar’s criminal conviction for assault, but never mind)

The lady chairing the meeting kind of lost her credibility when she admitted to a parent that they didn’t actually know how well attended each centre was.

She also told us that the service would improve despite any closures so a parent asked then why not close all the centres if the mystery alternative is better. Again no answer!

Firebrand independent Cllr Stuart Thornton was next, pointing out that the consultation was a  bit of a fix given that Cllrs had already voted for the cuts by approving the budget. This was met by howls of protest from the cabinet members and Cllr Jacquie Falvey (who had stayed obediently quiet throughout the previous exchange)

Cllr Paul Larkin settled the issue by admitting that yes the money has already been cut from his budget, but that if the “consultation” decided the centres had to stay open he would cut it from somewhere else in the Children and Young Persons budget.

Sort of robbing Peter to pay Paul! (Paul Larkin, get it? Not sure who Peter is…)

The Cllrs from Dinnington Town Council also held their tongues, thanks for your help there ladies and gentlemen! Not.

Cllr Akhtar got really surreal when he suggested that the dissenting voices in the room were upsetting the children (who were happily playing football at the back as far as I could see)

At this point I had to leave to pick my daughter up so cannot report further on the proceedings.

I never got the chance to air my views, but I fear they would not have been important to the cynical self serving officials and Labour Councillors who frankly give not one jot for the children of Dinnington and Anston.

Anston Parish Council Pour Poo Poo on Tesco Rumours

It felt like a war of attrition tonight at Anston Parish Council as Cllrs and Agitators alike lost theirs rags and in some cases stomped out early from a venom filled poison fest of a Parish Council meeting.

The Council’s bussed in support barely made it past the starting line.

1. Councillors cautiously welcome the possibility of an extension to the side of the Cutler pub, saying it could bring business into the area. Much scorn was poured on the rumour that Tesco may acquire the site, time will well.

2. Councillor Jo Burton lamented the (possible) loss of Anston’s Sure Start centre, when asked why she voted for it in the full Council budget she fumbled and blamed the government, Wonder if she voted to cut her own allowances as well? No thought not!

3. Cllr Brindley says many of the Sure Start children come from “suspect families” which I’m sure will endear her to all those who attend. My wife went to Sure Start centres, does that make us “suspect”? On second thoughts leave that one!

4. A presentation by the “Independent Person” appointed by RMBC to sort out the wrong doings at the Council was given a mixed reception. Whilst most Cllrs and members of the public wanted him to continue there was grumblings that complaints were being brushed under the carpet.

5. Cllr Jo Burton admitted finally that she was talking tosh when she offered to make all the housing developers use brown field land before raiding the greenbelt. Glad you finally read the law and caught up with the rest of us Jo!

There was more but I made my excuses and left before my soul was further corrupted and hightailed it back to Dinno.

North Anston Recycling Site sees Opening Times cut

The Magilla Recycling Site in North Anston will now open 6 days per week instead of the current 7. This is in line with changes throughout Rotherham as RMBC fights to balance it’s budget.

No sign of them cutting back on the number of Councillors or their stratospheric allowances (compare and contrast with nearby Sheffield), everyday services continue to take one for the team.

Councillors voted for the measure as they flocked in droves to approve the budget, all Labour Councillors followed the party line and said “Aye”

Another example of North Anston “going for a Burton?”


Rotherham Labour Party Target Dinnington Greenbelt Again!

Rotherham Council have unveiled their latest “consultation” in responses to comments made on their local plan by a government inspector who must approve before the house building on greenbelt extravaganza can begin.

Housing and Employment Land Distribution 2013 - 2028

Some highlights:

1. No priority given to brownfield first, lots of people even greenbelt campaigners believed the Council when they said they would go brownfield first, but they have now confirmed what a lot of us always knew, there is no instrument left in planning law to do this.

Therefore developers can leave brownfield sites derelict and go straight to green field.

2. The Council intend to set the level of Community Infrastructure Levy (a charge developers must pay to contribute to local infrastructure) ridiculously low in Dinnington and North Anston. It will be cheaper for developers to build on our countryside than derelict council estates in Sheffield.

3. An extra 200 and odd houses planned for Dinnington, the majority on greenbelt with no investment in local amenities and infrastructure.

4. No new retail developments, just 16% of Rotherham’s industrial units that will be moved out here.

5. Five percent of all houses in Rotherham to be built on our green belt.

Have your say on the consultation HERE.

Labour Fires the First Shot in Run Up to the Elections

Got this through the post the other day from our local Labour politicians. May is election time and they have wasted no time at all by starting things off with this little note.

Shame about the photographs, come on guys, get yourselves a decent photographer!