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Dave Smith Blasts Back!

After his respectable showing as an independent in last year’s Borough elections local Dinnington firebrand Dave Smith won the recent by-election to join Dinnington Town Council. Dave will be having his second outing as Town Councillor this Monday and I would think is sure to go for election again next year to both retain his town seat and try again for Borough as well.
Dave has for years been active in local affairs and was formerly President of the NUM branch where lots of people will know him from. He isn’t the kind to keep quiet on issues and I think will be a real shot in the arm for politics in Dinnington. The profile overall of the Town Council needs raising and Dave’s style will help with that certainly. Most people don’t even know the difference between Borough and Town Cllrs and this really needs to change.
There is also the question of whether our Borough Councillors will resign in the wake of the Jay and Casey reports, despite calls from us and Dave for them to do so they have so far declined.