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Rotherham Council Sinks Beneath the Waves of Truth

Rotherham Council’s chickens came home to roost big time last week with the publication of the Casey report following on from the Jay report of last year. The Secretary of State announced that government commissioners would move in to take over executive duties in Rotherham and the serving cabinet of Labour Councillors resigned at once.

Yet what is not so well known is the part played in these events by our local Councillors, some of whom are still in office, others now bit players on Parish Councils.

Iain St John was Lord Mayor of Sheffield during the period in question and probably should have spent more time challenging officials and the Police instead of riding around in the big car opening things.

Judy Dalton is licensing supremo in Rotherham, at least was as this role will be passed to the government soon. Taxi drivers were lambasted by the Jay report for providing the means in many cases to ferry victims around Rotherham and further afield. She was also adviser to the now resigned Children’s Services supremo.

Jo Burton was a member of a scrutiny committee who were tasked with oversight of child protection. She was vice chair of the committee for a couple of years and also served on the licensing board during the worst of the abuses. She was a senior adviser to Sean Wright the disgraced Police Commissioner when he ran Children’s Services.

Dominic Beck has resigned as a cabinet member, he has also served on the licensing board

Jacqui Falvey has also served on the Children and Young People’s Services Scrutiny Panel and on the licensing board when abuse was rife.

Jane Havenhand has had the following roles:

Licensing Board (May 2004 to date)

Licensing Committee (May 2005 to date)

Senior Adviser to Cabinet Member for Children and Young People’s Services (May 2007 to May 2011)

Adviser to Cabinet Member for Children and Young People’s Services (May 2005 to May 2007)

Adviser to Cabinet Member for Safeguarding and Developing Learning Opportunities for Children (May 2011 to May 2012)

Adviser to Cabinet Member for Safeguarding Children and Adults (May 2012 to May 2013)

Why did they serve on all these committees and take on all these roles?

They got paid. Thousands of pounds.

What were they doing? Taking the money.

LoveDinnington says:

1. All RMBC Councillors should resign. Now. From all roles in public life.

2. All the Councillors who held licensing and child protection scrutiny roles should pay back all the money they collected over the years to be paid into a fund for the victims.

3. RMBC as an entity should be disbanded and each Area Assembly allowed a vote as to who governs them from now on.

The government should act now to kill the rot and punish the rotten Councillors and officials who through greed, inaction and incompetence ruined the loves of hundreds of children.