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Did our Local Councillors know about Child Abuse and Trafficking in Rotherham?

The CSE scandal in Rotherham has rocked the entire country and left our local government in tatters. What is still unclear is exactly what our own local councillors knew at the time, indeed some of them attended a seminar on CSE in 2005 where apparently the fact were laid bare (according to the Jay Report)

Some even served on the oversight committee tasked with ensuring child protection in Rotherham was up to scratch at the time.

Cllr Jane Havenhand from Dinnington was questioned about this very subject on Monday night at Dinnington Town Council where she is also a member. Cllr Havenhand is also the chair of the local Area Assembly and cancelled a meeting soon after the Jay Report landed, saying she was concerned “outside bodies┬ámay try to use the Area Assembly meeting for other than it is intended”. An attempt to stifle public debate and avoid unpopular questions? Despite our asking she’s saying nothing.

Her comments at Dinnington Town Council can be seen here.

Full recording of the question asked here.