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Bring back the motorway buses to Sheffield!

Get a Grip Jo Burton and Dinnington Town Council!

We are in the local paper again!

and so is Jo Burton, slagging off local campaigners, AGAIN!

I have for ages been hassling Dinnington Town Council to get SYPTE along to a meeting to explain why our “Principal Town” (according to RMBC) lost its motorway buses years ago and now shares a rural connection to Sheffield with every man and his dog in between!

Sheffield is the largest employment centre in our area and I go there every day to work, I see jobs that young kids in Dinnington and Anston could be doing taken by foreign workers (not that I have anything against immigration as such, but importing a work force with 3 million on the dole is bloody stupid!)

For gods sake can we please have a decent Sheffield bus connection as soon as possible please, Dinnington Town Council get off your asses and chase up SYPTE like I asked you to in April, and Councillor Jo Burton stop apologising for mediocre service and do something useful!

SYPTE is run by your Labour cronies so get on the phone and see if you can do some good for a change!

SYPTE are saying to me that they can not even consider a subsidised motorway bus as it would compete with the commercial X5 which they withdrew subsidy from this summer. You couldn’t make it up.

Enough of my ranting, the article in question is here.