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Anston Parish Council get a SPANKING!

Six of the best, trousers down.

Officers from the borough council’s standards board have delivered their damning findings.

Some of the highlights;

Dominic Beck was NOT present.

All Councillors have had a serious talking to and will be given training and guidance on how to conduct themselves.

Many Cllrs agree “they are crap” at dealing with the public.

Another meeting to be held on this in Dec or Jan.

Public asked to stop sending “trivial” complaints until the backlog is cleared, “trivial” meaning a Cllr was merely rude.

Cllrs agree to show more respect.

Chief Exec Martin Kimber has got involved and told officers to “sort it”

Chairman Ireland apologises for past actions.

In other news:

Judy Dalton takes over management of skate park after knifing Thornton in the back.

Cllr Jepson slams some Cllrs attendance record.

Saint John talks nonsense. (Not news really)

Bring back the motorway buses to Sheffield!

Get a Grip Jo Burton and Dinnington Town Council!

We are in the local paper again!

and so is Jo Burton, slagging off local campaigners, AGAIN!

I have for ages been hassling Dinnington Town Council to get SYPTE along to a meeting to explain why our “Principal Town” (according to RMBC) lost its motorway buses years ago and now shares a rural connection to Sheffield with every man and his dog in between!

Sheffield is the largest employment centre in our area and I go there every day to work, I see jobs that young kids in Dinnington and Anston could be doing taken by foreign workers (not that I have anything against immigration as such, but importing a work force with 3 million on the dole is bloody stupid!)

For gods sake can we please have a decent Sheffield bus connection as soon as possible please, Dinnington Town Council get off your asses and chase up SYPTE like I asked you to in April, and Councillor Jo Burton stop apologising for mediocre service and do something useful!

SYPTE is run by your Labour cronies so get on the phone and see if you can do some good for a change!

SYPTE are saying to me that they can not even consider a subsidised motorway bus as it would compete with the commercial X5 which they withdrew subsidy from this summer. You couldn’t make it up.

Enough of my ranting, the article in question is here.

Another Salvo from Corporal Burton!

Here I sit composing my reply to Jo Burton’s latest letter and she lets rip again, this time into local Anston resident Colin Tawn who dared to criticise her in a previous issue of the Advertiser.

I’ll have to start re-working my reply now as will Mr Tawn I’m sure who probably isn’t going to be pacified by Jo’s latest attempt at serious political commentary.

Now she’s telling us that we can trust RMBC to look after our countryside. Makes a change from telling people that affordable housing is to be sprinkled down from heaven as if by magic!

She also lays into Stewart Thornton who she labels as “rude to the public”

What a joke, if you were censured at APC for being rude to the public there would be nowt but tumble weed blowing round the table. How about when Dominic Beck called the Police to chuck out a disabled pensioner, Jo? What were you doing then? He didn’t get censured did he?

Jo, how about my challenge to you in the local paper to hold a full public debate on all these issues? Any chance before the elections in May?

Asking Jo what’s good for Anston is like asking Baldrick from Blackadder to run the Apollo program. “Anston we have a problem!”

Too freaking right we do!

Please form an orderly queue behind the abort button marked “ballot box”


Jo Burton’s Ship of Complacency is Holed Beneath the Waterline

The true extent and consequences of RMBC laziness and apathy were laid bare last night at Anston Parish Council, Brian Lewis asked the following question:

“Chairman and Councillors, until the independent enquiry called for by the leader of Rotherham Borough Council into child grooming in Rotherham is complete, shouldn’t Councillor Burton stand down from Anston Parish Council and Rotherham Borough Council?

The leader of Rotherham Borough Council has given an unreserved apology to the young girls in Rotherham who have been let down by the Council’s children’s agencies. The Children and Young People’s Services Scrutiny Panel failed completely these young girls. In 2007 and 2008 Councillor Burton was vice chair of this panel, in 2009 she was an ordinary member. This is the period that is being investigated, the government gave this panel along with the rest of the Children’s Department a damning report. As vice chair what was Councillor Burton doing? Nothing.

She chaired some of the meetings of the Scrutiny Panel that failed to deal with the problem of child grooming of young girls for sex in Rotherham. These girls were in the care of Rotherham Borough Council Children’s Services. Councillors, this is why I call on Councillor Burton to do the right thing and stand down.”

Councillor Burton replied that she didn’t know of any abuse taking place at the time and was trying to make sure such abuse could never happen again.

The question remains, what was she doing at the time?

RMBC officers may ask Anston Parish Council to go halves on the bill for investigating Parish Hall problems

Word has reached us that Rotherham Borough Council have spent so much time and money investigating dodgy going ons at Anston Parish Council they want to send them a bill!

RMBC officers may ask Anston Parish Council to go halves on the bill for investigating things like calling the police to chuck pensioners out of meetings, insulting the public and being generally bad eggs.

Cllr Saint-John isn’t too pleased, possibly because a lot of the complaints are directed at him, wouldn’t put it past the Borough to send another bill to his door, watch out Iain!

Wonder if the police will join in and start billing them? Hundred quid per pensioner? More on this as we get it!

A New Housing Development for South Anston?

A planning application currently before Rotherham Council proposes building 9 new houses in a small rabbit hutch-esque fashion on the A57 at South Anston.

Go here for details on the proposal and here for a map.

Access to the new houses would be directly on to the A57 which doesn’t sound like a good idea to me!

No sign of the affordable houses Jo Burton keeps promising either, looks like all of them will be strictly un-affordable to me!

Comment on the application and have your say here.

Mr Lewis again…

Local political activist Brian Lewis has objected to poorly disguised campaign literature shoved through his front door by than none other than Jo Burton herself, one of his local councillors in Anston.

Perhaps it was the fact that some of his taxes had paid for printing of said document (don’t forget some of our tax dollars go to the local labour party via the allowances paid to ward councillors).

Maybe he’s still bitter at having the Police called when he dared to shout out at Dominic Beck?

Or maybe he’d just had enough BS for one week, we’re not sure but it led him to issue an ultimatum to Cllr Burton, remove the literature or pay a weekly storage fee!

It’s an interesting move and Mr Lewis’s legal team (the regulars who hand around outside the Parish Hall afterwards) were not altogether sure of success should it go to the courts.

This didn’t stop Mr Lewis though (nothing does really, let’s face it) and he is totting up the fee week by week.

“The one positive thing is when I hung it on the mantelpiece it kept the kids away from the fire” said Mr Lewis, failing to explain why he has the fire on in August…!

More on this as further news reaches us…