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Jo Burton’s Ship of Complacency is Holed Beneath the Waterline

The true extent and consequences of RMBC laziness and apathy were laid bare last night at Anston Parish Council, Brian Lewis asked the following question:

“Chairman and Councillors, until the independent enquiry called for by the leader of Rotherham Borough Council into child grooming in Rotherham is complete, shouldn’t Councillor Burton stand down from Anston Parish Council and Rotherham Borough Council?

The leader of Rotherham Borough Council has given an unreserved apology to the young girls in Rotherham who have been let down by the Council’s children’s agencies. The Children and Young People’s Services Scrutiny Panel failed completely these young girls. In 2007 and 2008 Councillor Burton was vice chair of this panel, in 2009 she was an ordinary member. This is the period that is being investigated, the government gave this panel along with the rest of the Children’s Department a damning report. As vice chair what was Councillor Burton doing? Nothing.

She chaired some of the meetings of the Scrutiny Panel that failed to deal with the problem of child grooming of young girls for sex in Rotherham. These girls were in the care of Rotherham Borough Council Children’s Services. Councillors, this is why I call on Councillor Burton to do the right thing and stand down.”

Councillor Burton replied that she didn’t know of any abuse taking place at the time and was trying to make sure such abuse could never happen again.

The question remains, what was she doing at the time?

RMBC officers may ask Anston Parish Council to go halves on the bill for investigating Parish Hall problems

Word has reached us that Rotherham Borough Council have spent so much time and money investigating dodgy going ons at Anston Parish Council they want to send them a bill!

RMBC officers may ask Anston Parish Council to go halves on the bill for investigating things like calling the police to chuck pensioners out of meetings, insulting the public and being generally bad eggs.

Cllr Saint-John isn’t too pleased, possibly because a lot of the complaints are directed at him, wouldn’t put it past the Borough to send another bill to his door, watch out Iain!

Wonder if the police will join in and start billing them? Hundred quid per pensioner? More on this as we get it!

A New Housing Development for South Anston?

A planning application currently before Rotherham Council proposes building 9 new houses in a small rabbit hutch-esque fashion on the A57 at South Anston.

Go here for details on the proposal and here for a map.

Access to the new houses would be directly on to the A57 which doesn’t sound like a good idea to me!

No sign of the affordable houses Jo Burton keeps promising either, looks like all of them will be strictly un-affordable to me!

Comment on the application and have your say here.

Mr Lewis again…

Local political activist Brian Lewis has objected to poorly disguised campaign literature shoved through his front door by than none other than Jo Burton herself, one of his local councillors in Anston.

Perhaps it was the fact that some of his taxes had paid for printing of said document (don’t forget some of our tax dollars go to the local labour party via the allowances paid to ward councillors).

Maybe he’s still bitter at having the Police called when he dared to shout out at Dominic Beck?

Or maybe he’d just had enough BS for one week, we’re not sure but it led him to issue an ultimatum to Cllr Burton, remove the literature or pay a weekly storage fee!

It’s an interesting move and Mr Lewis’s legal team (the regulars who hand around outside the Parish Hall afterwards) were not altogether sure of success should it go to the courts.

This didn’t stop Mr Lewis though (nothing does really, let’s face it) and he is totting up the fee week by week.

“The one positive thing is when I hung it on the mantelpiece it kept the kids away from the fire” said Mr Lewis, failing to explain why he has the fire on in August…!

More on this as further news reaches us…

Help Help I’m Being Attacked! By a Sheep!

I would like the right of reply to Councillor Jo Burton who has sent two letters to the local newspapers recently to criticise myself and other local people who care about what happens in Dinnington and Anston.

Jo is of course a Labour Councillor and is up for re-election next year in the Anston and Woodsetts ward.

Let me take the points she makes in her letters one by one:

She says she fought hard for our greenbelt. What? Jo, along with her colleagues deliberately kept this off the agenda at Anston Parish Council for months to avoid embarrassing the Rotherham Labour Party.

She tricked a meeting of Anston Parishioners into voting for “no building on greenbelt until all brownfield land is used” despite the fact that this is actually not possible.

There is no “brownfield first” rule any more, that’s why we fought so hard to keep land in the greenbelt Jo!

I have written to Jo to ask her to give me some details of the meetings and “negotiations” she claimed to have taken part in. She has failed to provide any such details or explain why she is making false promises to “those who have directly experienced the housing crisis” (her words) by saying they can have affordable housing if they agree to building on our countryside!

For the hundredth time, the houses will be private! The government is removing the obligation on the developers to provide affordable properties, oops, did she miss that out?

If she doubts any of my facts I challenge her to a public debate, any time anywhere.

She blames all our woes on government cut backs, yet it was still the same when Labour ran the country, and although RMBC’s pot has undoubtedly shrunk we still do not get our fair share of it, that is the point we continuously make!

She actually has the nerve to say we have a great bus service! What happened to the motorway buses, Jo? We now have slow buses only to Sheffield, the place where our young people have the greatest chance of finding work. She says bus companies aren’t controlled by the Council, true, but SYPTE is run by Labour Councillors.

She then goes into a UKIP rant. Can’t help you there Jo, I’m not a member of any political party, but I know UKIP are circling your ward seat like vultures as they recognise a weak person when they see one. The Tories and Independents are thinking the same way too!

I reckon that over the last fours years Jo has cost taxpayers somewhere in the region of fifty grand in salary and expenses (Oh yes, Councillors do get paid, she left that bit out didn’t she!?)

Some of her allowance is then paid to the local Labour party. So when their propaganda leaflets come through your door next time you know who paid for it. Yes, us, the tax payer!

If you think what Jo has done over the last four years is worth fifty grand then by all means I would encourage you to vote for her. If not you might want to look at the other names on the ballot.

Jo and her mates on the Council don’t fight for us, they are like cattle being herded together by their masters in Rotherham, and they always move in the direction of the TROUGH!

Give up your countryside, tell a few fibs to the locals and BING! Another 50k, thank you very much!

Jo’s letter and my own are attached below for reference.

Burton Reply


Jo’s second letter, this time in the Guardian.

Jo’s Reply to me

Anston Wars Episode 5: Thornton Strikes Back!

Not content to weather the storm from the assorted Muppets, Victor Meldrews and Ronald Weasley lookalikes on Anston Parish Council, Councillor Stuart Thornton has struck back with this statement at the recent finance meeting as reported by our correspondent Special Agent Crumpet.

“At the meeting of full Council dated 20 May 2013, Cllr Beck moved a motion to censure me.
Further, Cllr Stonebridge moved a motion to remove me from all Committees and stopped me from representing the Parish Council on outside bodies.  This motions was moved as a direct commection to the censure motion by Cllr Beck.
It has come to my attention that Cllr Beck acted alone in his actions in seeking legal advice from the YLCA, this is contrary to the Local Government  Act 1972.  Further, once he obtained that advice he chose to only share that information with members of the Labour Party who in my opinion then used that information to disadvantage a fellow councillor for personal gain.
This incident is now in the hands of my solicitor.
I believe that Cllr Beck had no authority to act as he did, nor does he have the authority to censure me over Code of Conduct issues.
I regard the censure moction invalid and thus in turn the removal from committees is also invalid.
I shall continue to attend all committee meetings as previously stated on the list of committees.  I shall continue to represent the parish council on the outside bodies I previously attended.
If I am stopped from attending any committee meeting, I will deem it the responsibility of the committee chairman for my non attendance and will seek further advice from my solicitor with a view to taking action against the individual.”

Say what you like about him, he’s got some big cahoonas, we like his style.

Anston Parish Meeting 29 April 2013

Monday night and off we trot to the Parish Hall, but it’s NOT a Parish Council meeting as such. It is a public meeting called by Cllr Thornton and the room is split into two areas. Outsiders like me who don’t live in Anston must sit at the back, Residents sit round in a big circle. Any councillors attending tonight do so as members of the public, except the chairman Mr Beck and the clerk.

The local plan for house building in Rotherham was raised straight away  no house building planned in Anston says Mr Beck. Hmm not sure that’s right, after all once they have tarmacked their way across Dinno East to the Butterfly House they will be in Anston then, technically. Oh and were they to build a massive new trading estate over near Todwick some of that would be in Anston, still details, details, let’s move on.

Mr Beck was also criticised for reading out a statement before clearing it with fellow Cllrs, and also asked by a resident about what he would do should a conflict arise between his post here and the one at Wales where he is borough Cllr? Mr Beck pointed out that the meeting was not about him and to be fair he has a point.

He was also asked about times he may have dropped the ball, but picking the ball up Mr Beck moved the meeting onwards.

Questions also asked about the upkeep of the hall and grounds which costs thousands upon thousands per year, however it was pointed out that there are many bills to pay and much work to be done.

RMBC were slagged off for the rather poor standard of service that residents experience, cuts were blamed until one resident pointed out that the services were poor before the cuts. Move on!

A vote proposed by Stuart for the automatic exclusion of any non-Anston resident who interrupts a parish meeting by speaking.

Hmm, we’re in a personal bug bear type place here for me, I have no idea why it is seen as a good thing for Dinno residents to be forced to keep silent at Anston Parish and for the same to apply to Anstonians at Dinno Town Council.

Anyone who actually thinks that what happens in one village does not affect the other is frankly kidding themselves. The two places are joined at the hip, and this is one rule which really doesn’t need reinforcing.

But vote they did and yes surprise, surprise sanctions will now apply to anyone from over the border who dares to speak!

The greenbelt issues were raised once again, with Cllr Burton telling everyone greenbelt land will not be used straight away and not while there are empty houses in the area. Quite how she thinks this would happen is not clear, government planning inspectors have been allowing developers to ignore brownfield for a year or more now, but I’m guessing that wasn’t in her briefing from the borough.

One of the fan club members at that point asked Cllr Thornton why he was objecting to building on greenbelt. This would mean his children couldn’t afford houses in the area apparently, as building on brownfield is too expensive. This is the old myth that the new houses in the area will be affordable or social houses. They won’t, no developer is going to waste the lovely countryside locations in Dinno East and Throapham with affordable cardboard boxes when they can build 4 and 5 bed exec homes instead.

BUT people still peddle this old myth, even though the government is now telling developers that the old deals which meant a certain proportion in new developments had to be affordable is now off.

I have to say the fan club comments were a little better than usual, but this was in part due to Judy Dalton being perched on their shoulder throughout I’m guessing! She’s no fool when it comes to following the Labour party line from the borough.

Stuart Thornton did dare to ask if the fan club members heckling had anything to do with the contracts they had with the parish council. This provoked a threat of a solicitors letter from fan club member #2.

The vote in the end was headed off by Jo Burton, who I can only assume was being remote controlled by someone with a brain. In the end the public fell for it and voted to insert her amendment to urge Cllrs to oppose greenbelt development unless brownfield and all other sources of housing were exhausted. It’s actually impossible to do that, but details, details, move on!

The top secret land deal was raised once again, I say secret, but bacteria on the planet Mars have heard what and where it is by now, so let’s move on.

One resident said that the A57 divides Anston and Mr Beck agreed. Have they seen my cunning plan to divert the A57 and allow Anston to begin a glorious new age? No, and I’m not allowed to speak…

By now Cllr Burton had changed the meeting to love-in by inviting all present to tell her what they loved about Anston. It’s a long list and I love the place having spent the first three decades of my life there, but isn’t this just a distraction really?

It is and from this point on the meeting got very shouty, with poisonous comments being literally spat from one corner of the room to the other. Mr Beck had finally had enough when he closed the meeting and had gone so red as to resemble beetroot.

It was at this point that events went pear shaped in a major way, no doubt you will have read various versions on other sites and in the papers as well.

I do not intend to add to these comments, at least not yet.

Thank you and good night.

Anston Parish Council Branded as “Arrogant” in Formal Complaint

A formal complaint from an Anston resident has been picked up by the Dinnington Guardian.

Essentially Anston Parish meetings are a mess. We have the borough big guns of Jo Burton, Judy Dalton and Dominic Beck aided by the grumpy old men brigade up against the few independents on the Council who do their best to hold the rest to account but are hampered by lack of numbers. All other Cllrs act as cannon fodder.

The only support the Council can usually conjure up at meetings are individuals who just happen to work for them.