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New Housing will Increase Traffic by 20-25% in Dinnington and Anston!

Rotherham Council have predicted that their plans for Dinnington and Anston will see traffic volumes in our area rise by 20-25% over the next 15 years. This compares to 14% nationally and 8% in the rest of rural Rotherham.

Journey times in some cases could double as 1500 new houses are built and over 15% of new industrial land is built on our greenbelt, all without improvement to the road system.

1. The new A57 route will have to be compromised to allow access to a huge new industrial estate.

2. Swinston Hill will have to be altered to provide road access to approx 160 new homes.

3. Wentworth Way converted to the through road to service 80 new homes.

4. Oldcotes Road and Monksbridge are will need alteration as Throapham doubles in size.

5. South Anston crossroads will require alteration to allow new volumes of traffic from Dinnington to access the A57.

New A57 Edges Close to Completion EXCLUSIVE VIDEO!

The next stage of the mammoth A57 improvements to link Todwick and the M1 with a new roundabout and dual carriageway move on apace with the partial opening of the new road! Motorists can now use the new route, albeit in single carriageway mode for now.

See our clip from our maiden voyage this morning, ignore the time/date on the video, my dashcam is a bit dicky!

Facebook Video

Traffic in North Anston (UPDATED)

Update 3: Looks like the Diversion Might be here for the Duration!

We are hearing from various places that the current diversion through North Anston may have to stay in place until October or maybe even early 2014 when the road is due to be finished. More when we get it!

Update 2: Delay on re-opening Todwick Road

Speaking to Ringway today , the company carrying out the work it has become necessary to keep Todwick Road closed until 18 May. This does mean that traffic will continue to be a problem through North Anston, but was unavoidable as delays arose redirecting some of the vital services like BT cabling. I am quite impressed so far with the management of traffic, when you consider the magnitude of the work.

Anston certainly seems to have it’s fair share of road digging at the moment, it’s like living in Sheffield again!

Update: Hopefully the end will soon be in sight

Ringway Infrastructure Services, the contractor working on the A57 improvements still aims to have Todwick Road operational again by 28 April. This will alleviate the problems in North Anston at the moment as the village main road and Pennypiece Lane are taking the brunt of the diversion.

More news as we get it!

Map of the improvement scheme here.


Original Post: Traffic in North Anston

Locals in North Anston will have noticed a marked increase in traffic on the main road since new year. This is of course due to the closure of the main Dinnington to Todwick road at Todwick crossroads. The aim is to have this back up and running for the end of April, but in the meantime the impact is being felt.

As discussed at Anston Parish council lorries have started to use Pennypiece Lane for access to the industrial estate from the A57. This crafty little short cut is actually unlawful due to a weight limit on the road, but this of course depends upon effective enforcement which we don’t really tend to get I feel.

I know that a lot of the time wagon drivers are just following their sat navs, but the signs are there for a reason chaps!