Our Manifesto for Dinnington and Anston

OK, we’re not asking anyone to vote for us here, this is just a way of getting some discussion going on the needs and aspirations for Dinnington and Anston.


Immediate needs

1. Sure Start Centres for Anston Woodlands Drive area and North East Dinnington.

2. Leisure centre for the area incorporating Council office for delivery of local services to residents.

3. Fully manned Police station in Dinnington.

4. Improved buses to major employment centres like Meadowhall and Sheffield.

5. An expansion to the local library.

6. Improvement in quality for of our road network.

7. Local Council depot to handle cleanliness and delivery services.

8. Existing recreation areas to be retained and protected from housing developers.

9. Housing developers made to pay a reasonable levy to the local community for large developments.

10. RMBC councillors who presided over the CSE scandal from 2000 onwards should have to pay back all allowances and pensions earned as part of any role involving child protection.

11. A massive improvement in secondary education in the area, primary schools to be brought up to a good/outstanding level across the board.

12. The former Rother Valley college should be reopened and  new links established with universities in Sheffield.

Long term/Blue sky ideas

1. Train service to Sheffield and Worksop utilising hybrid trains (nicked from Tim Wells!).

2. A57 Bypass to take the road away from Anston and Lindrick.


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