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Full Results of the Rotherham Council Elections 2021

WardElectorateTotal Ballot Papers VerifiedTurnoutCouncillorCouncillorCouncillor
Anston & Woodsetts9,5273,66138.43%Tim Baum-Dixon (Con)Helen Wilson (Con)Jane McClure (Con)
Aston & Todwick7,0572,43034.43%Joshua Bacon (Con)Aaron Barker (Con)
Aughton & Swallownest6,6631,81027.16%Lyndsay Pitchley (Lab)Jack Austin (Con)
Boston Castle9,9553,25332.68%Alam Saghir (Lab)Margaret McNeely (Lab)Taiba Yaseen (Lab)
Bramley & Ravenfield7,1602,35432.88%Gregory Reynolds (Con)Lewis Mills (Con)
Brinsworth7,5462,41932.06%Adam Carter (Lib)Charlotte Carter (Lib)
Dalton & Thrybergh6,7331,77126.30%Michael Sylvester (Ind)Joanna Baker-Rogers (Lab)
Dinnington9,2632,75829.77%Charlie Wooding (Con)John Whomerlsey (Con)Sophie Castledine-Dack (Con)
Greasbrough6,0271,46124.24%Sarah Allen (Lab)Robert Elliott (Roth Dem)
Hellaby & Maltby West6,3212,09233.10%Simon Ball (Con)Jenny Andrews (Lab)
Hoober9,6622,41124.95%Denise Lelliott (Lab)David Roche (Lab)Emily Barley (Con)
Keppel10,5582,99628.38%Maggi Clark (Lab)Tony Browne (Lab)Paul Hague (Roth Dem)
Kilnhurst & Swinton East6,2911,87629.82%Victoria Cusworth (Lab)Stuart Sansome (Lab)
Maltby East6,6681,71725.75%Adam Tinsley (Con)Lee Hunter (Con)
Rawmarsh East6,8911,47621.42%Dave Sheppard (Lab)Rachel Hughes (Lab)
Rawmarsh West6,8501,61223.53%Bob Bird (Lab)Jill Thompson (Con)
Rother Vale6,0571,45624.04%Firas Miro (Lib)Amy Brookes (Lab)
Rotherham East10,4092,51224.13%Wendy Cooksey (Lab)Tajamal Khan (Lab)Rukhsana Haleem (Lab)
Rotherham West10,0583,15531.37%Ian Jones (Roth Dem)Ben Aveyard (Lab)Eve Keenan (Lab)
Sitwell9,8864,04140.88%Simon Burnett (Con)David Fisher (Con)Tony Griffin (Lab)
Swinton Rockingham6,2591,84529.48%Ken Wyatt (Lab)Gina Monk (Lab)
Thurcroft & Wickersley South7,5242,45932.68%Thomas Singleton (Con)Zachary Collingham (Con)
Wales7,1872,44734.05%Dominic Beck (Lab)Marnie Harvard (Lab)
Wath6,7341,71125.41%Alan Atkin (Lab)Sheila Cowen (Lab)
Wickersley North9,4273,04132.26%Sue Ellis (Lab)Emma Hoddinott (Lab)Chris Read (Lab)

Crime in Dinnington up 64% in ONE YEAR!

Johnny Scumbag has never had it so good. Whether it’s riding his uninsured chavved up quad bike down Lidgett Lane, casual drunkenness on the main street whilst the rest of us are at work or a spot of burglary, business is booming for the criminals in Dinnington and Anston.

The reason? Well let’s take a moment to count the Police officers assigned to the Dinnington/Anston area. That won’t take long because the number is Zero. Response policing is provided via Maltby, which may as well be on the other side of the world when someone has a knife to your throat. Speaking as someone who has experienced the sinking feeling of calling the Police for help and gradually realising as things get worse and worse they are not coming I can confidently say things need to change.

Calls regarding minor crime are now routinely not attended, even when offenders are still present on scene.

Attempts have been made in the last year or so to re-introduce Police officers to our neighbourhoods, but currently none are assigned to Dinnington and Anston exclusively. The effect is the Police no longer have a credible link with the community and cannot gather sufficient intelligence to know where the local criminals can be found.

We need a Police Station in Dinnington, manned 24 hours a day by real Police officers, not PCSOs who cannot make arrests, and only work office hours anyway.

We need a local response to 999 calls serving the area for Anston, Dinnington, Laughton and Woodsetts.

What we DON’T need is more and more time spent by South Yorkshire Police on political correctness and publicity stunts like knife arches.

We need to see real commitment to our area in terms of Police presence to bring this shameful increase in crime under control.

The Chief Constable needs to come and visit our community and sort this problem out because from where I’m standing he isn’t Chief Constable of Jack Shit!

Fracking Surveys to Begin in Anston?

Anston Parish Council have been approached by a representative of INEOS, a company involved with fracking. The company wish to get local landowners to allow access to their land to allow a 3D seismic survey of the Anston and wider area to determine if the controversial fracking technique can be used to collect gas in the village and surrounding area.

The seismic survey consists of sinking explosive charges into the ground and listening for the return echo after detonation. This allows a surveyor to determine the type and structure of the underlying rock strata.

The agenda for Monday’s APC meeting includes the following:

2) INEOS Proposed seismic surveys at the Playing Fields (Recreation Grounds belong to the Charity) and Butterfield Walk (belongs to the council) – see email from Michael Gazur dated 06.09.16 with attachments.

Money is being offered to landowners who allow access for the surveys with more to come if drilling and production begin under their land.

One local parish councillor Christine Sadler is urging local residents to contact their local councillors and express their opposition to any activity or assistance that will help fracking companies to start operations in our local area.

Frack-Off, a pressure group opposing fracking in the UK, say that seismic surveys can range from “rattling windows and noise pollution to structural damage to buildings and subsurface structures, such as water boreholes, pipes and septic tanks.”

More info as we get it!

Archaeology has Arrived in Anston Stones

The archaeologists from Durham University have arrived and begun work in Anston Stones!

2013-12-28 12.20.50

This is a follow up to previous years and will be accompanied by a talk and photo display in Anston Parish Hall. This is another reminder if we needed one of the significance of the Stones and how lucky we are to have it on our door step.

The Stones and Creswell Crags are remnants from the days when Hyenas, Lions, Hippos and Rhinos roamed our lands!

Anston Parish Councillor Chris Sadler commented:

“Archaeologists from Durham University are digging in Anston Stones from Monday 4 July to Friday 15 July. They can be located by following the top path from Anston Parish Hall car park through the Stones, all visitors including groups will be very welcome.

There will be a presentation given by Professor Mark White of Durham University Wednesday 13 July in Anston Parish Hall at 7pm. Everyone welcome, please come along and join us.

Also in the Hall are information boards about Anston Stones during the ice-age and present day, everyone is welcome to come to the Parish Hall and view these, please contact the office beforehand on 01909 560922 between 9am and 12 to open the doors.
Durham University also have a team at Creswell Craggs digging outside Mother Grundy’s Cave and a presentation on Saturday by Professor Paul Pettit at 1.30pm. All welcome.

We are very lucky to have such wonderful amenity SSSI sites on our door step with the rare Magnesium Limestone 260,000 years old found in very few sites in the UK. Please make the most of this occasion of the visiting archaeologists and the opportunity to learn more about this Ice Age site and animals. See you there!”

SSSI means Site of Special Scientific Interest and is a government designation for important natural landscapes and habitat in the UK.

Dump Labour and Vote Independent!

Do Dinnington and Anston a favour if you really must vote Labour and stay at home!

It’s that time of year again, you’ve probably had the pamphlets through the door already. It’s the only time the Rotherham Labour party give a monkeys about Dinnington and Anston…. That’s right! **ELECTION TIME!!**

Any day now they will be knocking on your door, perhaps accompanied by the local MP if he’s not too busy referring himself to the Parliamentary Standards Committee.

If course they’ll want to talk to you about Tory cuts and how it would be so much better if they were running things, but you might want to ask a few questions:

  1. Just who was it who allowed hundreds of young girls to be abused on the streets of Rotherham for years?
  2. Why is the Labour controlled Police force withdrawing officers from our community and closing our Police station? Why don’t we get our fair share of South Yorkshire Police resources?
  3. Why do we see year on year under investment in our local infrastructure whilst our Council tax is spent in Rotherham town centre?
  4. Why don’t we have leisure facilities in Dinnington or Anston? Why did they get built in Maltby and Aston when we have a higher population here?
  5. Why are all the travellers camps in Rotherham earmarked for our area?

Yes, it’s the Labour party!

This year we have three independent candidates in Dinnington and two in Anston. Vote Independent and Dump Labour in 2016!

Archaeology in Anston Stones Part Two

Hot off the press is some more information on when archaeologists from Durham University will be visiting Anston Stones to perform a dig neat Dead Man’s Cave.

The dates are 3-15 of July this year and the team will be led by Professor Mark White.

They are concentrating on an area on a small gorge just down from the top path on Dead Man’s Cave and will be excavating small trenches near to the rock face. This is a follow up visit as detailed in our previous article.

The team are happy to receive visitors while they are on site and will be able to speak to interested members of the general public about their work.

Dead Man’s Cave us best reached from the top path through the stones, keep going until you see a field with a big owl box in it (at least I think that’s what it is), then turn right into the woods for a few minutes. The cave is in a little gorge when you reach the rock face. Be careful with kids and pets as it’s a long way to fall if you go the wrong way!

Councillor Christine Sadler of Anston Parish Council said “It’s a great opportunity for us all to find out something fascinating about the past right on our doorstep. Anston Stones is owned and managed as a SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest) by Anston Parish Council so it’s locally owned and protected by representatives voted in by the people of Anston.”

Anston Stones was originally gifted to the then local authority Kiveton and District in the 1950s by the Duke of Leeds estate, it was absorbed into the newly created RMBC in the 70s and passed eventually to Anston Parish Council.

The site covers 88 acres and was notified as an SSSI in 1955. One very unusual feature for such a place is the mineral railway running through it. This adds an element of recent history to the Stones and means you have many fine features such as the bridge below to admire when walking through the woods.

As always if taking dogs please respect the local wildlife and clean up that poop!

2013-12-28 12.47.35

Dinnington Police Station to Close!

Dinnington Police Station is officially closing!

Run down for decades the building is now merely a base for the very small team of PCSOs left in Rother Valley South. But now we will be losing it altogether as confirmed by the Area Commander at the latest Rother Valley South Area Assembly meeting in Woodsetts.

Also in attendance was the Police Commissioner who gave a rather uncertain and not very confident speech about the need to save money and cut back on services. He said the future would be sharing of facilities with the other blue light services like ambulance and fire, which are not to be found anywhere near Dinnington either!

Our beleaguered PCSOs (no Constables or Sergeant are now to be found in Dinnington at all) will be based for part of their day at the Dinnington Resource Centre. This seems to have become a theme, if you want to cut a service or close a building move it there.

At least folks can have a read in the library while they wait for the fuzz to show up. Also don’t expect any out of hours services, there won’t be any!

Our suggestion? Why don’t the Police rent a couple of houses to use as bases in Dinnington? suitable roads which spring to mind would be Leicester Road and Doe Quarry Terrace. The rents are low and the Police would have very little distance to travel to their ummm…. “customer base”

Not that we are suggesting everyone on these streets are criminals, but we have spoken to many people from these roads who would welcome a larger Police presence, not the cut down service we seem to be destined for.

Just our 2p……