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New Houses for Central Dinnington

A couple of new sites have emerged for housing in central Dinnington near Tesco. They are green space, but not protected greenbelt and are bound to be less controversial than others as they are near to public transport and shopping.


If you have any opinion on these sites or others be sure to let Rotherham Council know as there is only a few weeks left on the consultation. Do you use any of the land we’ve covered for your recreation, or would you like to buy a house there? Either way have your say here.

New Housebuilding in Anston

In the latest of our series we look at two small pockets of housing to be built in Anston over the next 10 years or so.


We have 38 homes going onto the pasture land at Pennypiece Lane, nice views and nice location will mean these houses will fetch a good price.

The old Kirkby Central site will also be developed to provide 30 new homes. Not sure if we are losing the petrol station here or how they will provide access onto the beleaguered local roads. Not much of a view either, just lots of noise and pollution from the A57 but that doesn’t put the rest of South Anston off.

New Housing will Increase Traffic by 20-25% in Dinnington and Anston!

Rotherham Council have predicted that their plans for Dinnington and Anston will see traffic volumes in our area rise by 20-25% over the next 15 years. This compares to 14% nationally and 8% in the rest of rural Rotherham.

Journey times in some cases could double as 1500 new houses are built and over 15% of new industrial land is built on our greenbelt, all without improvement to the road system.

1. The new A57 route will have to be compromised to allow access to a huge new industrial estate.

2. Swinston Hill will have to be altered to provide road access to approx 160 new homes.

3. Wentworth Way converted to the through road to service 80 new homes.

4. Oldcotes Road and Monksbridge are will need alteration as Throapham doubles in size.

5. South Anston crossroads will require alteration to allow new volumes of traffic from Dinnington to access the A57.

Dinnington Welfare to be Lost? High Nook and Leicester Road to be Joined?

In our latest article on forthcoming house building plans for Dinnington we focus on the Lorden’s Hill area and the Miners Welfare in particular.


The Welfare is not just the now demolished Park House of course, it consists of a large recreational field and is owned by a massive charity called CISWO. It was of course originally owned by the Dinnington miners but after the coal mining industry collapsed CISWO went around hoovering up assets and managed to grab themselves quite an empire. The land is currently greenbelt.

Now a secret deal has been reached in Dinnington to allow the demolition of Park House to go ahead unopposed and for a third of the welfare to be sold to housing developers. Some of the money would hopefully return to the town to allow the building of another community centre on the site. CISWO would still retain ownership of all the land.

The deal is supported by Dinnington Town Council, Kevin Barron MP and CISCO, along with some local citizens of Dinnington. No guarantee exists as far as we know that the money will find it’s way back here, or how much of it the town will get.

As part of the wider development Leicester Road may be joined onto the High Nook estate, although as far as we are aware residents are yet to be consulted about these plans.

Across the road from the welfare is a further piece of greenbelt coloured blue on the photo, this will be reserved for future houses beyond 2028.

Please let us know your opinions on the plan, what do YOU think would be god for the area?

Throapham to Double in Size, then Treble!

Rotherham Council are currently consulting on the next local plan and proposes to DOUBLE the size of Throapham over the next 15 years by building over 300 houses.

Over the 15 years after that a further 500 plus will be built, eventually surrounding Dinnington Comp on all sides. Have your say on the consultation here.


The red zone will be used in the initial expansion, with the blue area being set aside until 2028.

Massive New Industrial Estate to be Build Near Todwick

One of the more surprising elements of Rotherham Council’s Local Plan, this development would see a huge amount of local green belt beside the new A57 roundabout converted to an industrial site almost as big as Todwick itself.

Have your say on the consultation here.


Housing Plans for Dinnington and Anston Revealed!

The final chapter of the Local Plan consultation has now begun! Rotherham council have revealed full details of the sites that will see new housing and commercial development over the next 15 years, much of it on our green belt.


Some of the highlights:

1. 240 new homes on fields behind Wentworth Way, Wentworth Way to be converted to a through road to service the development.

2. Hundreds of new homes at Throapham on fields behind Dinno Comp.

3. Miners Welfare ground to be partially sold to housing developers after a secret deal struck by Dinnington Town Council and MP Kevin Barron.

4. New industrial estate on green belt fields near Todwick Crossroads.

5. Pasture land in Anston to be used to housing.

6. Gypsy Camp to be built in South Anston near Kiveton Station.

Have your say on the proposals by clicking here.


A Government Inspector Gives the Verdict on Council Plans for Dinnington

Government inspector Richard Hollox has largely green lighted plans to build 1500 new homes in Dinnington, 1000 of them on green belt land.

The report in full is here.

Some highlights:

Dinnington suffers from “an undue preponderance of vacant units and
charity and value shops”

“Dinnington East, will be removed from the Green Belt”

Dinnington has “the character of a small, bustling town with frequent bus services to
Rotherham and Sheffield”

Greenbelt land to the east of Dinnington (Lakeland Drive area) will be used as this is easier for developers to build on.

The high quality agricultural land will be worth losing as it means 700 houses can be build right next to Lakeland Drive.

No new schools, doctors, road or other infrastructure.

Other areas would have required a larger investment in schools, etc. from developers.

Dinnington Parish Poll Result

Do you wish to allow Rotherham Council to re-draw Dinnington’s greenbelt boundaries to allow housing developers to build hundreds of new houses over the next 15 years?

Yes: 13

No: 315

Spoiled: 2

So a clear result for no building on the greenbelt but not the turnout we had hoped for unfortunately. Thank you very much to all those who voted and helped and supported the poll.

My apologies to all those who were turned away from their first polling station, I hope you stuck with it and went where they told you. Unfortunately no one told me there were specific stations for each street, let alone who should go where!

Local Referendum in Dinnington

Dinnington residents will get their chance to express their views on whether or not the town’s green belt boundaries should be re-drawn to allow developers to build 1500 new houses in the area over the next 15 years.

Removing some of Dinnington’s countryside from the green belt would allow 940 homes to be built on fields currently used for recreational walking and cycling by local people for decades. The Miner’s Welfare ground could also be lost to house building.

The remaining 600 houses would be built on brownfield sites.

We believe that 1500 homes is far too much and a far more sustainable figure would be less than half that number. This would also mean green belt would not be required.

The Referendum is a Parish Poll and all residents of Dinnington parish can vote. It will be held on May 9th at the following locations:

Dinnington Resource Centre

Dinnington St Joseph’s  School

Monksbridge Community Centre

Voting is from 4pm to 9pm, please come along and have your say!