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Dinnington Miners Welfare to Rise Again???

The Bulldozers moved to demolish the remains of Park House, the Dinnington Miner’s Welfare this week but sources involved in the recent secret meeting between Kevin Barron MP, Dinnington Town Council and the Coal Industry Social Welfare Organisation (CISWO) indicated today that a new Miners Welfare could rise from the ashes.

2013-10-20 13.54.25

The price to be paid? One third of the prime land surrounding the institute must be sold to developers to build new houses adjacent to the High Nook estate.

Dinnington Town Council and The Friends of the Miners Welfare group led by Cllr Steve Scott are understood to have green lighted the demolition on condition that the Town Council be given a 100 year lease on the remaining two thirds of the land and some of the proceeds from the land sale be invested into Park House II (our name not theirs)

However not all of the Town Council were present at the meeting so it is unclear how they as a body have agreed to this undertaking. Also a split has opened in the Friends of the Miners Welfare group as two of their membership were thrown out of the meeting when Sir Kev spat his dummy out and refused to tolerate their presence.

A source close to Sir Kev explained that there is precious little love between our local MP and firebrand ex NUM official Dave Smith which may go some way to explaining events.

Meanwhile Dinnington Town Council will at its next meeting consider this application to knock Park House down. WHY HAVE A PLANNING APPLICATION TO KNOCK DOWN A BUILDING WHICH IS NOW A SMOKING CRATER?


Muppetry becomes mayhem as we try to make sense of this Barronesk carbuncle of blunders.

Did our Local Councillors know about Child Abuse and Trafficking in Rotherham?

The CSE scandal in Rotherham has rocked the entire country and left our local government in tatters. What is still unclear is exactly what our own local councillors knew at the time, indeed some of them attended a seminar on CSE in 2005 where apparently the fact were laid bare (according to the Jay Report)

Some even served on the oversight committee tasked with ensuring child protection in Rotherham was up to scratch at the time.

Cllr Jane Havenhand from Dinnington was questioned about this very subject on Monday night at Dinnington Town Council where she is also a member. Cllr Havenhand is also the chair of the local Area Assembly and cancelled a meeting soon after the Jay Report landed, saying she was concerned “outside bodies may try to use the Area Assembly meeting for other than it is intended”. An attempt to stifle public debate and avoid unpopular questions? Despite our asking she’s saying nothing.

Her comments at Dinnington Town Council can be seen here.

Full recording of the question asked here.

Maggie Thatcher Leads March in Dinnington!

Ex Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher turned out today with ex-miners and friends to celebrate 110 years since coal mining begun in Dinnington.

See video on YouTube at

Maggie2I’m not sure what’s most shocking, the fact that Maggie was there at all or how friendly she is with Dave Smith! (Wonder if his missus knows?)

Maggie does a look 2 dimensional on the next photo though as the march set off, first to Coronation Park to remember all past miners, especially those no longer with us. In the park and throughout the march we were treated to some brilliant music by the long running colliery bandMaggie1The miners banner looked magnificent, the call for no nuclear power probably falls on less deaf ears today than in the 80s with events like Fukushima in people’s memory.Maggie3Park2Park1

Secret (or at least closed) Meeting in Dinnington Decides to Sell Miners Welfare

The future of the Miners Welfare ground was discussed last night in a Friends of Dinnington Miners Welfare meeting with Dinnington Town Council, MP Kevin Barron, Rotherham planning and CISWO the site’s dubious owners.


2013-10-20 14.00.30

Latest Developments:

1. Dinnington Town Council insist their policy of objecting to RMBC’s Core Strategy still stands, but what of their policy of opposing building on greenbelt. The housing developer will NOT be building on the demolished Park House, they want the field adjacent to High Nook.

2. Local Councillor says they do not usually condone building on greenbelt but the possible investment from the sale of houses may be worth it if local people get a new community centre or playing fields from the deal. BUT nothing has been agreed and no investment has yet been promised,

3. Our local MP Kevin Barron refused to chair the meeting until two ex-miners he doesn’t like were TURFED OUT.

4. The meeting was said to be “not secret” but it wasn’t exactly public either. No minutes were kept. We say it should have been a public meeting so all of Dinnington could have their say.

The Friends of Dinnington Miners Welfare threw out two of their members in mysterious circumstances before before it could start. Depending on who you talk to the chucking out was either done by one of the Friends or Kevin Barron. More on that as we get it.

The meeting heard that what’s left of Park House will be demolished with CISWO and RMBC set to disagree on who should pay for it. One third of the surrounding green field site would be sold to developers, the remainder being leased back to Dinnington but it is unclear at this point whether receipts for the sale would be invested into the site or taken away from Dinnington.

Possibilities include the Friends receiving money for a community centre and houses for retired miners.

CISWO acquired the site approx 8 years ago as they hoovered up assets left behind as the miners organisations withered nationwide.

The site is registered by the Council as a community asset, so much for that one!

More details as we receive them!

A Government Inspector Gives the Verdict on Council Plans for Dinnington

Government inspector Richard Hollox has largely green lighted plans to build 1500 new homes in Dinnington, 1000 of them on green belt land.

The report in full is here.

Some highlights:

Dinnington suffers from “an undue preponderance of vacant units and
charity and value shops”

“Dinnington East, will be removed from the Green Belt”

Dinnington has “the character of a small, bustling town with frequent bus services to
Rotherham and Sheffield”

Greenbelt land to the east of Dinnington (Lakeland Drive area) will be used as this is easier for developers to build on.

The high quality agricultural land will be worth losing as it means 700 houses can be build right next to Lakeland Drive.

No new schools, doctors, road or other infrastructure.

Other areas would have required a larger investment in schools, etc. from developers.

Election Aftermath

As the dust settles in Dinnington and the wider Rotherham Borough has anyone from the ruling Labour group realised why so many people voted UKIP here?

UKIP is a protest party, an angry party. You vote UKIP when you want to say that you are unhappy in no uncertain terms with the status quo.

Are Rotherham Labour genuinely surprised that people are so unhappy with them?

Was it the fact that they ignored child abuse in the town for years and put those councillors most responsible for this neglect into positions of greater power?

Was it the greenbelt issues where our local councillors did not one useful thing to oppose Rotherham Council building a thousand houses over our countryside? (In Dinnington’s case)

Was it the fact that when they pay themselves 1.1 million pounds a year and then try to save money by closing children’s centres?

The cuts to our library? The closure of the Council service centre?

The answer is probably yes to all of the above, Dinnington gets a raw deal in Rotherham and we are sick of it.

Labour supporters fought a massive negative campaign against UKIP, accusing them at times of being a Nazi or Facist party.

Which party spent a decade or more undermining our personal freedoms, taking away our right to free speech, introducing draconian legislation and starting two major wars? Labour.

Who allowed uncontrolled immigration and epic abuse of our benefit system? Yep, look in the mirror folks and you’ll see what an oppressive party really looks like.

BUT I didn’t vote UKIP.

In amongst all the excitement did anyone notice the independent candidate running, our tireless local stalwart Dave Smith? Dave took 579 votes and although this wasn’t the thousand and odd the other two got I think it a great achievement for a guy who stands up for Dinnington on his own with no party machine just a few friends and family helping him out. If you don’t like UKIP and want to see change next time consider voting for Dave because if you want someone who will tirelessly fight for Dinnington and not cow tow to a party line he’s your man.

Dave almost certainly took enough votes off Labour to ensure they didn’t escape by the skin of their teeth as Jo Burton and Gerald Smith did in neighbouring wards.

That’s why I didn’t vote UKIP, I voted for Dave.

The Changed Landscape

Our map below shows the new results from the other night at a glance…

Purple is UKIP, red is Labour, pink shows Labour seats which UKIP missed by a very small amount of votes.

Just to be clear this indicates the results from the last election only, it doesn’t show the balance of power in Rotherham which is still predominantly Labour.


Summary of wards with majority for each:

Anston and Woodsetts 31 Rotherham East 220
Boston Castle 161 Rotherham West 39
Brinsworth and Catcliffe 1628 Silverwood 539
Dinnington 98 Sitwell 675 (Tories 2nd)
Hellaby 675 Swinton 59
Holderness 3 Valley 185
Hoober 211 Wales 278
Keppel 400 Wath 149
Maltby 63 Wickersley 203
Rawmarsh 343 Wingfield 391
Rother Vale 347


Rotherham Labour Get a Kicking

“Oh God I’m going to have to get a job now!” Quote from last night, defeated Labour councillor. Welcome to our world!

In other news:

UKIP support increases massively in Rotherham Borough, they took 10 of the 21 seats on the night.

Dinnington Goes UKIP.

Jo “Baldrick” Burton Hangs on by 31 votes in Anston

Gerald “I want to build on your greenbelt” Smith hangs on by THREE VOTES!

Deputy Leader Akhtar is GONE!

Sir Kev’s relation gets ousted.

Local independent Dave Smith takes hundreds of votes from Labour in Dinnington.

Many other Labour Councillors only just won.

Labour supports brand UKIP a Nazi party, forgetting who started the last couple of wars are we, chaps?

Local Referendum in Dinnington

Dinnington residents will get their chance to express their views on whether or not the town’s green belt boundaries should be re-drawn to allow developers to build 1500 new houses in the area over the next 15 years.

Removing some of Dinnington’s countryside from the green belt would allow 940 homes to be built on fields currently used for recreational walking and cycling by local people for decades. The Miner’s Welfare ground could also be lost to house building.

The remaining 600 houses would be built on brownfield sites.

We believe that 1500 homes is far too much and a far more sustainable figure would be less than half that number. This would also mean green belt would not be required.

The Referendum is a Parish Poll and all residents of Dinnington parish can vote. It will be held on May 9th at the following locations:

Dinnington Resource Centre

Dinnington St Joseph’s  School

Monksbridge Community Centre

Voting is from 4pm to 9pm, please come along and have your say!

A Local Referendum for Dinnington on Greenbelt Issues?

Dinnington residents attending the Parish Meeting on Monday April 14th will have the opportunity to vote for a Parish Poll, a local referendum to be held on whether or not Dinnington should give up large areas of its green belt for housing developments,

If at least 10 local residents ask for a poll the local authority is duty bound to call a date and give the people of Dinnington their say at the ballot box, Like all referendums, however the poll is not binding, merely an expression of opinion.

Please come and support us at the Lyric on Monday.