Throapham set to (almost) double in size?

Housing developers are seeking to open a new housing development in Dinnington which would be the largest by far since Limelands.


The fields surrounding Dinnington High are all now earmarked for building, with the one next to Throapham woods coming forward first. This would be initial development in the range of 250-350 homes, depending on density and would over 10-15 years scale up to an eventual total of around 850.

How sustainable this will be depends on lots of factors, not least the local market. Housing in Dinnington is by and large pretty inexpensive and in good supply. Any housing developer entering this market won’t want to flood the area with hundreds of houses all at once, after all why drive down the price of the commodity that you’re selling.

More likely that even this initial development will be phased over 3-5 years, like the one due to begin at Wentworth Way. Homes will be built gradually and sold as they go, with new residents moving in while building work progresses on the surrounding houses.

Let us now what your opinion is, do you welcome new homes and new people to the area, or are you conscious of the increased pressure on roads or school places? Leave your comments below!

6 thoughts on “Throapham set to (almost) double in size?

  1. Maureen Herworth

    Disgusting! Lots of land and housing in need of regeneration. No need to use our beautiful green belt.

  2. A Elliot

    Once again I’ll thought out planning and development flooding an area with housing little or no infrastructure and jobs
    The streets of Throapham and Dinnington remain unswept dog mess abounds no police high street shop robbed the whole thing needs a rethink
    Driving around the area we have lots of eyesore plots of land that need development before we start using farmland
    Council property in a state of disrepair
    Get a grip planners

  3. R.H

    I feel so sad that these beautiful areas of Wentworth way and throapham are being covered and destroyed by housing developments. There will soon be no fields left, but yet too many houses,too many people,the schools are already oversubscribed, the doctors,dentists etc waiting weeks or months for appointments, how are our small villages going to handle an extra few thousand people?!

  4. Wendy

    I think its diabolical that they are even contemplating building on the land at side if throapham wood, which by the way they thin it out each year. Why not plant more trees and increase it and encourage wildlife. Only last week a deer ran out infront if me in the wood. Funny how anston rangers couldn’t build there new club on greenbelt, something that would be fir our community. We are only being pacified by RMBC when they ask for our views, they will do whatever they want.

  5. C Swarbrick

    There is already to many people in this area without adding hundreds more houses how will drs and schools cope and extra traffic it’s supposed to be a quiet village that’s why people moved here from busy cities.


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