Crime in Dinnington up 64% in ONE YEAR!

Johnny Scumbag has never had it so good. Whether it’s riding his uninsured chavved up quad bike down Lidgett Lane, casual drunkenness on the main street whilst the rest of us are at work or a spot of burglary, business is booming for the criminals in Dinnington and Anston.

The reason? Well let’s take a moment to count the Police officers assigned to the Dinnington/Anston area. That won’t take long because the number is Zero. Response policing is provided via Maltby, which may as well be on the other side of the world when someone has a knife to your throat. Speaking as someone who has experienced the sinking feeling of calling the Police for help and gradually realising as things get worse and worse they are not coming I can confidently say things need to change.

Calls regarding minor crime are now routinely not attended, even when offenders are still present on scene.

Attempts have been made in the last year or so to re-introduce Police officers to our neighbourhoods, but currently none are assigned to Dinnington and Anston exclusively. The effect is the Police no longer have a credible link with the community and cannot gather sufficient intelligence to know where the local criminals can be found.

We need a Police Station in Dinnington, manned 24 hours a day by real Police officers, not PCSOs who cannot make arrests, and only work office hours anyway.

We need a local response to 999 calls serving the area for Anston, Dinnington, Laughton and Woodsetts.

What we DON’T need is more and more time spent by South Yorkshire Police on political correctness and publicity stunts like knife arches.

We need to see real commitment to our area in terms of Police presence to bring this shameful increase in crime under control.

The Chief Constable needs to come and visit our community and sort this problem out because from where I’m standing he isn’t Chief Constable of Jack Shit!

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