Anston Stones Archaeology Update

We have received these photos showing some of the latest finds from Anston Stones where Archaeologists from Durham Uni continue to toil, painstakingly scraping away history one layer at a time!

SPOILERS! If you don’t wish to know about the finds in advance of the talks on Saturday and Wednesday DON’T READ ANY FURTHER!

The left hand photo shows fragments of a pot from the 18th or 19th century, the right hand picture is a quartzite flake and a small Flint flake, both prehistoric probably middle and upper Palaeolithic, they could be tens or hundreds of thousands of years old!

The team has also found a pig jaw, a sheep jaw and some probable Roman pot.

Ceramic pot you understand, no one is accusing the Romans of smoking mari-ju-ana.

Try to make it to the talks, tomorrow at Creswell, Wednesday at Anston.

2 thoughts on “Anston Stones Archaeology Update

  1. hestradahaigh

    Thank you for your hard work in giving us these rolling updates, they are very interesting and most appreciated.
    ALSO – Thank you to Christine Sadler, Mick Colman and Philip Matthews (Cllrs on Anston PC) who have worked so hard collecting information etc and producing the display in support of this dig which is to be seen at Anston Parish Hall.
    I know the Brownies enjoyed their time looking at the display, doing the quiz produced for them and making their own artwork for the display.
    What a shame Anston Parish Council Watch does not do this rolling sequence of events – After all The Dig is taking place in ANSTON.


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