Archaeology in Anston Stones, Early Signs of Success!

According to early reports we are hearing that Archaeologists from Durham University have made their first finds near Dead Man’s Cave in Anston Stones.

2013-12-28 12.47.35

A piece of flint (could it be a tool or weapon, we’ve not heard yet) and pieces of glazed pottery have been found. No details on the pottery but it looks like more than one piece of the same vessel.

More news as we get it, but in the meantime don’t forget there is a photo display in the Parish Hall and an upcoming talk as well!

Professor Mark White of Durham University will be speaking at Anston Parish Hall on Wednesday 13 July at 7pm.

Creswell Craggs will be hosting a presentation on Saturday by Professor Paul Pettit at 1.30pm.

4 thoughts on “Archaeology in Anston Stones, Early Signs of Success!

  1. Carol Wilson

    Is the picture an indication of where the dig is taking place as we couldn’t find anyone near the cave?

  2. christine sadler

    Dear Carol, sorry if you had a wasted trip to see Durham arcaeologists. If you follow the top path through the stones, carry on past the turnoff for Dead Man’s cave and you will eventually find the dig site right at the side of the path

  3. S Thornton

    Psssssst, dont tell us yet what they have found, it will spoil the talk on Wednesday 13th July 16. at 7pm at the parish Hall (all welcome)


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