Archaeologists to Revisit Anston Stones

Archaeologists are to visit Anston Stones again this year after a successful dig in 2015.

The leader of the team has said they will welcome visits to the site by the general public whilst carrying out the work, more info as we get it!

Anston Stones is a SSSI (usually pronounced “triple SI”) a government designation for a Site of Special Scientific Interest. As such it is protected by law and damaging it can attract a criminal prosecution.

The site has many interesting features from Dead Man’s Cave to the mineral railway which runs through the site alongside Anston Brook.

Here is a link if you want to read their past report from the site (rather technical)

Anston Archeological Dig Prelim Report 2015

2 thoughts on “Archaeologists to Revisit Anston Stones

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  2. christine sadler

    Anston Parish Councillors are in the process of making an information board in Anston parish hall, and are finding information is very scarce. If anyone out there has any contribution to make anything and everything will be most welcome. This could be a community effort, please contact any parish cllr. or Parish office 01909 560922.
    Hopefully there will be a presentation by Durham in Anston Parish hall near the end of their stay, more information on this event nearer the time.


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