Walking: Harthill Reservoir

We are pleased to kick off our series on local walks and bike rides!

Now the weather is getting better it’s time to get out into the local countryside and spend some time outdoors. Dust off the walking boots and pump your bike tyres up!

First up is Harthill Reservoir and Sailing Club, a delightful little stretch of water which feeds this end of the not quite restored Chesterfield Canal.

First of all please ensure you are pronouncing “Harthill” properly. The H’s are essentially silent so it’s “Art-ill” Using the first H is acceptable (“har-t-ILL”) but try and emphasise the “ILL” if you must do that. Saying “Hart-Hill” just means you’re a wally.

Now that’s out of the way let’s get on with the walk!

Harthill Reservoir is three small but beautiful ponds/reservoirs reached via Woodhall Lane, Pryor Mede, Carver Close, then Carver Way from the main drag through Harthill. There’s a fairly ample car park and a nice path which takes your round the entire reservoir.

The best views are from the little bridges and the dam wall.

No real directions required, we went through the car park and past the Yacht Club to go round the reservoir clockwise, make sure you detour onto the little bridges as well. You can either follow the path around all 3 or make the walk shorter by crossing over the bridges.

In the woodland near the dam wall there also a lot of bird activity if you’re of the twitching persuasion. Sailing is also done on the lake, however I’m not sure of the arrangements at the Sailing Club and assume you need to be a member and have a boat. Fishing is also on offer, although I’m not a fisherman so couldn’t advise on seasons and permits, etc.

In Summary:

Accessibility: Good

Beauty factor: 8/10

Chav factor: Low

Dog muck factor: Low/Medium

Highly recommended!


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