Dinnington Town Council Snubbed by Resource Centre Trustees

Dinnington Town Council have been told to sling their hook at the Resource Centre.

The Council is entitled to nominate two representatives to sit on the board of trustees but their nominees have been deemed not worthy by forces unknown.
This is strange as DTC is the democratically elected Council of Dinnington and you’d think the Resource Centre would be keen to engage.
Also who we wonder is currently occupying the seats meant for the DTC representatives?
And does all this have anything to do with left over animosity by the former Labour Cllrs, who left the Town Council at the last election under mysterious circumstances?
More info as we get it…

6 thoughts on “Dinnington Town Council Snubbed by Resource Centre Trustees

  1. Concerned Citizen

    To anyone who reads Love Dinnington.
    Can I please point out that this is written by a group of people whose journalistic ability is amateurish at best. A real journalist would seek the views and facts from all angles and aspects of the story being told. In a lot of the articles that I have read I have noticed a very one sided approach with most of its facts been very far from the truth. I would urge that the people who insist on reading this to take what has been written with a very small pinch of salt. I fear that Love Dinnington has a hidden agenda within its inner circle to discredit certain factions of the community. I am deeply saddened by this as anyone who is working towards making Dinnington a better place for all of its residents, surely should be working together unitedly, rather than working harder to discredit and shame each other.

    1. lovedinnington Post author

      Thanks for commenting and whilst admitting that we are all amateurs we do out best to uncover facts and speak the truth. Where we are not sure of things we try to make that clear. We would welcome any further information you have on this or any other topic.

      1. S25 litter busters

        I am on your side Love Dinnington and go back to when DART split away from the resource centre in about 2000 due to RMBC using the resource centre for their own agenda. At that time I was asked to help audit the DART accounts, RMBC had hidden all the money spent on the resource centre away in their own accounts and this had never gone through the DART’s accounts as it should have done. There was no way anybody could audit the spend on the Resource centre at the time, to see which organisations, companies and bodies were paid what, for each part of the process of building the resource centre. The money has been drawn down from various funding bodies at the time. The transparency and the agenda stunk to high heaven.

    2. Colin Tawn

      @ Concerned Citizen.
      ‘with most of its facts been very far from the truth.’

      Are you saying Dinnington Police Station is not closing?
      Or that Dinnington Labour councilors did not resign instead of facing the electorate?
      Can you provide any evidence that DTC reps have not been excluded from the Resource Centre Board of Trustees?

      Why is someone who has a different viewpoint to you labelled as ‘one sided with a hidden agenda’? If you knew anything about citizens blogs you would realise there is always a perceived element of bias. Tough.That’s how the internet world works.

      If you are really concerned about Dinnington and its residents then you have several options; Get elected as a councilor, Form a residents group or action group, make yourself a regular attendee at DTC meetings and raise any concerns or questions.
      Don’t be just a keyboard warrior.

  2. S Thornton

    With regard to DTC people being able to sit on the Resource Center`s board of Trustees ( yes its a Charity) how do the present Trustees square the current line up. From the copy of the deeds I have read, CISWO were allowed to nominate two persons to the board to act as Trustees. CISWO delegated that power to allow two RMBC Cllrs to sit in their place. The last two RMBC Cllrs who held this position were Cllr Tweed and Cllr Havenhand. Cllr Havenhand has not been an RMBC Cllr for over a year now, so Who was her replacement. Has she just continued to chair the meetings unlawfully. But the bigger question is this, when RMBC were requesting to use the centre for their housing office, who was taking part in the discussions. ( which included Financial Costs) surely not the RMBC Cllrs, if they were we could assume there was a direct conflict of interest.
    No wonder they wont let the DTC Cllrs attend meetings.

  3. S Thornton

    UPDATE: Just looked at the Charity Commission web site at their statement as of 31st March 2015. States quite clearly that RMBC appoint two members to sit on the board. Tweed resigned in 2014, Havenhand at the top of the list is no longer an RMBC Cllr. Looking at the rest of the list I dont see the name of any sitting RMBC Cllr.
    I read the audit report, it seems as of the 31st March 2015, Income minus Expenditure only left a surplus sum for the end of the year at approx £1000. This from an income of approx £187,000. It further states that they failed to reach their six month target of reserves. Are they in trouble ??. Is the poor financial situation the reason why they dont want DTC members at the meetings ?.


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