Dinnington Police Station to Close!

Dinnington Police Station is officially closing!

Run down for decades the building is now merely a base for the very small team of PCSOs left in Rother Valley South. But now we will be losing it altogether as confirmed by the Area Commander at the latest Rother Valley South Area Assembly meeting in Woodsetts.

Also in attendance was the Police Commissioner who gave a rather uncertain and not very confident speech about the need to save money and cut back on services. He said the future would be sharing of facilities with the other blue light services like ambulance and fire, which are not to be found anywhere near Dinnington either!

Our beleaguered PCSOs (no Constables or Sergeant are now to be found in Dinnington at all) will be based for part of their day at the Dinnington Resource Centre. This seems to have become a theme, if you want to cut a service or close a building move it there.

At least folks can have a read in the library while they wait for the fuzz to show up. Also don’t expect any out of hours services, there won’t be any!

Our suggestion? Why don’t the Police rent a couple of houses to use as bases in Dinnington? suitable roads which spring to mind would be Leicester Road and Doe Quarry Terrace. The rents are low and the Police would have very little distance to travel to their ummm…. “customer base”

Not that we are suggesting everyone on these streets are criminals, but we have spoken to many people from these roads who would welcome a larger Police presence, not the cut down service we seem to be destined for.

Just our 2p……


20 thoughts on “Dinnington Police Station to Close!

  1. Terri Miller

    Disgusted at that attitude and no I don’t leave on the streets in question – but well done you for causing yet another divide community there’s a word for you

    So because some of the people are criminals which might I add are also on many other streets live there we will disrespect the residents with no choice who live there purely because it’s what they can afford or even worse shock horror they’ve lived there their whole lives !

    Just my 2p

    Rude plain rude!

    1. lovedinnington Post author

      Just to be clear we are not saying that people in that locale are all criminals, but evidence from figures and from residents own comments does indicate that those areas mentioned need a higher level of Police involvement. As always a small minority spoil it for everyone else.

      1. Terri Miller

        As a girl who grew up on doe quarry lane that’s lane not terrace !
        I did quite well in education and have a pretty good grasp on the English language and what’s that word … Sarcasm
        What you said was made to imply you said it in jest but anyone with half a brain cell can see that’s not the case

        Why don’t you use your energy to address the council or your MP and improve the streets which you’ve pointed out are littered with criminals !

      2. lovedinnington Post author

        The initial comment about the Police renting a house on there was obviously half in jest but our views have been formed after conversations with local councillors, police officers and residents. I therefore would like to see more Police resources and perhaps CCTV setup in these two locations as well as others in Dinnington. We can all sit around and pretend there’s not a problem if you like but that doesn’t help anyone. Either way thanks for reading and for making comments, I would rather people were talking about it then ignoring local issues.

    1. lovedinnington Post author

      As I said to Terri we can all sit around and ignore ASB and crime if you like, have you spoken to Dinnington Town Councillors about this or any of the local Police officers? Or are you a resident there who has no problem whatsoever with ASB and crime? Just interested in where your comments come from. Thanks for commenting.

      1. Terri Miller

        Indeed we can all sit and talk or we can go to the open clinic on the 12th February and try and get some good out of this article along with our MP my email is on this account feel free to contact me and come along
        Maybe we can do some fundraising etc together

        And who knows the ‘criminals’ may even join us

      2. Terri Miller

        That’s the next open clinic and we may not gain anything but I think it’s a good idea to go and ask for assistance in some action rather than slandering the community

        I will be going and I will be asking residents for their opinions to take along with me

        Just so you know I live on high nook my home was burgled last week so it’s really nothing to do with particular streets and it’s unfair to say it is

        The problem is petty criminals stand out which is all the people you are talking about are

        Anyway I will be going I have a few ideas and I’d like his input as I’ve said it would be great if “I love dinnington”
        Wanted to come along and love the whole town in particular the people needing it please bare in mind half the people on this streets are there not because they’ve always been there and it’s their home or because they have no other financial option I don’t agree with Rich poor divide and branding certain streets is just that!

      3. Terri Miller

        I don’t understand the logistics of that are they going to pull down half of silverdales ?
        But in answer to question I couldn’t care less I don’t have an issue with people because of background life challenges etc
        I’m not judgemental feel free to challenge me regarding planning strategies but the short of it is to brand people criminals when you don’t know them or reside in the place yourself is bonkers

  2. S25 litter busters

    What I have never understood is why Scarsdale, Leicester Rd and other such streets were given gated access to protect them from crime, when they were the streets with the more problem residents. Whereas other streets that deserved the same treatment and didn’t have problem residents have no protection from the problem residents on the gated communities. I am getting fed up of the criminals being protected above law abiding citizens. It reminds me again of Rotherham CSE, its a systematic failure throughout Rotherham borough and South Yorkshire police. I am getting fed up of lefty politically correct do gooders who are creating division in our communities

    1. lovedinnington Post author

      I’ve never liked the idea of the gages either, I think it just stigmatises an area and the Police have said that residents don’t keep them closed anyway so why bother? We need to have the existing laws enforced not invent new ones or fit gates to our streets.

      1. S25 litter busters

        It would be a lot cheaper to have put a night vision ip wifi camera at the end of the service rd on each street. However I wouldn’t object to gated access on the back of Victoria st, to stop litter, fly tipping, anti social behaviour and theft.

  3. Andy b

    Think more to the point now you have gone from individually pointing the finger at 2 streets when it’s a bigger issue than just the 2 in question.

    Now because your backed into a corner by somebody who actually knows the area and lives there and who actually is pin pointing more issues and ways to resolve these you have decided to fetch through roads into it, criminals don’t stay on one street which with the sound of it that’s what your tryna say.

    Go to the meeting on the 12th Feb and actually listen to residents instead of getting your figures from 5/10 years ago you never know might actually learn a few things about Dinnington…

    1. lovedinnington Post author

      Not at all actually, I obviously started out with a semi jokey comment but from my discussions with residents, police and councillors I’d formed the opinion that there is a considerable problem with crime and ASB generally in the *areas around those roads* not even those roads specifically. I certainly don’t pretend to know it all so if someone wants to put me straight and have their say it’s great, I’m just glad the issue are being discussed. Reason I mentioned the through Road was it’s been floated before by past councillors as a way to improve the area. Also can someone tell me exactly what’s happening on 12 Feb because I don’t know?

      1. Terri Miller

        It’s the next open clinic to go see the local MP and discuss whatever you want in this instance I’m going to question if anything can be done to help with these roads to improve them if they are such an issue
        I don’t know yet as I’ve not spoken to anyone but I will before then to get the community behind it

  4. S Thornton

    Some facts. ( and I am “not having a go”) The Area Assembly (read RMBC) have identified the Leicester Rd area as one of the most socially deprived areas in Rotherham, (their words not mine) The Area Assembly has “targeted” this area in 2015, to clean up the area. Extra funding has been spent in making people “clean up” their Gardens and extra skips have been provided to clear up rubbish. Its just a pity that the Area Assy ( read RMBC) dont provide the same service to other people in and around these areas, we pay our taxes too. These areas are “targeted” because the local Cllrs ( and it seems the local MP thinks like wise) think this is where their voters are.

  5. J Wood

    I live on Leicester Road and agree with everything that lovedinnington has said but it is only the minority in the houses that are being let out by rouge landlords that rent out properties for a short while do nothing for the tenants plus tenants run up bills and then moonlight. Also Settees chairs, Mattresses are often found on the front of the houses and used to sit and drink cans of beer. There are cars on here that police know that drivers have no licence who are racing from silverdales to Leicester Road on every other day and Bikes also yet children of very, very young age are playing in middle of the road. If this is normal then I must abnormal as I have never lived anywhere like it. Cars regularly do 50 mile and hour up and down this road and I know what I am talking about as a driver. at least the gates may stop them doing the circuit but nothing and I mean nothing is done even when the relevant people are told it is a farce.


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