Does Dinnington Police Station have a Future?

What’s actually inside Dinnington Police Station? Police Constables and a Sergeant? Bigfoot? Nope, and we’ll be lucky if it’s still standing in a year or so the way we’re going!

It’s not secret that the Police are facing cutbacks, money is tight, budgets will be squeezed for at least another 5 years as the government tries desperately to balance the books without inconveniencing rich people.

Dinnington Police Station hasn’t been an actual Police Station for many years, one of the former officers once joked to me that if I were to knock on the door all the officers inside would just hide under the table (assuming they still have tables) (and officers come to that)

The 999 response service has now operated from Maltby for donkeys years and although the Police can still surprise us with good response times (like the last time I had to dial 999) this surely can’t be as good as a service based and operating from Dinnington.

Officers laugh when you ask them about the Blackberries and tablet computers that senior officers refer to in press releases and many types of crime now go un-investigated.

When I last asked the Police to view a computer file and tell me what they thought to it I was told they don’t have any computers, they’d all been sent to Hull (?!)

When I asked if the finger print man could come and look at my wife’s car which had just had a wheel stolen I was told (politely) that he wouldn’t be turning up.

Rumours are now afoot that Dinnington Police Station might now be finally going the way of the Dodo, extinct altogether with all services for Rother Valley South withdrawn to Maltby.

When I’ve reported crime recently it is more and more obvious that the Police have little or no idea on who the local villains and yobbos are any more, they aren’t in control, they are just reacting to events as best they can.

How can a policing team based in Maltby know where to find Johnny Scumbag from North Anston who’s just drove into you on his uninsured motorbike?

We are 8% of the Rotherham Borough and you’d think that would entitle us to 8% of a share of the resources, but money and staff are still concentrated in the large metro areas like Rotherham and Sheffield. The law of the wild west is descending on the more rural and remote areas like Dinnington and Anston.

Rotherham Council are constantly telling us that we are a “Principal Town” and when they are looking to build swathes of new houses on our countryside this does seem to be the case. When it comes to resources like policing and leisure facilities we are reminded of the realities of being in a rural location!

More news as we get it!

1 thought on “Does Dinnington Police Station have a Future?

  1. S25 litter busters

    I went in there a few years ago, it seems very small when you get inside, compared to how big it looks from inside. Wasn’t locked up, went into discuss issue I was having at the time.


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