Early Election Results! Labour Party Legs it in Dinnington and Anston!

Yes we know the elections are in May, but all candidates have now declared and there are insufficient numbers for Anston Parish Council and Dinnington Town Council.

What does this mean? Anyone who nominated themselves is now a Councillor and the big news is that the Labour Party has done one in Dinnington and Anston, they have vanished!

Labour big guns like Iain Saint John, Judy Dalton, Jo Burton, Dominic Beck and Simon Tweed have stood down leaving the field clear for a mass of mainly independent candidates.

Ralph McIver has also chosen not to continue as Dinnington’s chair, is no longer on the Council and no longer a member of the Labour party.

Indeed as has been pointed out even former Labour Cllrs who have re-joined do not seem to be describing themselves as Labour.

Anston Parish Council will be John Ireland (current chair and Borough candidate), Gordon Jarvis (current Cllr) and Philip Matthews for South and Clive Jepson (current Cllr and one of the few independent Borough Cllrs in South Yorkshire), Ivan Machin, Myles Manship (campaigner for Anston Skate Park), Christine Sadler, Drew Tarney, Stuart Thornton (current Cllr) and Paul Vernon for North.

Dinnington Town Council will be Leslie Clarke (Salvation Army), Pauline Davies (Former chair), Brian Lewis (Political agitator crossed with a flying picket!), William Loftus, Andrew Milner, Roy Mugglestone (current Cllr), Paula Russell (current Cllr), Steven Scott (Current Cllr) and Dave Smith (current Cllr, former NUM President and politico at large for Dinnington).

Why has Labour rode off into the sunset? A few theories doing the rounds:

1. After the CSE scandal in Rotherham the knives were out (metaphorically) for certain Labour councillors who had held responsibility in the past for child protection. Possible.

2. Shame? Never stopped them standing before?

3. Parish and Town Councillors don’t get paid? Probably the favourite explanation for the withdrawal of former Borough Cllrs! Many Borough Cllrs used the Parish and Town as a platform to drive their personal priorities and fiefdoms, now with these people stepping down from the Borough due to the problems in Rotherham, Parish and Town level does nothing for them.

4. They just got tired. There has been a lot more scrutiny of their actions over the last few years and many of them were conscripts and not battles hardened. Basically they ran away.

If anyone else has further theories, however wacko just leave a comment.

4 thoughts on “Early Election Results! Labour Party Legs it in Dinnington and Anston!

  1. Andy_Milner

    It seems strange that not only has no one stood in Anston from the Labour Party, but the three incumbents in Dinnington who were elected unopposed haven’t described themselves as Labour. And the same thing in Thurcroft. I’ve not looked at any other results as yet… Just seems odd to me…

  2. S Thornton

    Its not odd at all, they simply could not find enough people to stand to get a majority on Anston Council. They were never going to stand if they could not control what happened. Further, St John was never going to stand if he could not find enough females to protect him. He has always had to rely on them, for manipulation of their votes (note how few males he had “allowed” on the council).
    It shows quite clearly that no one is prepared to be seen with the Labour lot in Anston.


    As the widow of a former Labour Anston Parish Councillor and Chairman I am saddened to see that none of the current Labour members will be standing for re-election. After watching coverage of some of the Parish Council meetings on line I am appalled by the behaviour of some of the members of the public. It seems they have got their way at last with their bullying and intimidation.

  4. S Thornton

    So none of the Labour Cllrs ever bullied and verbally abused the very same public you mention ?. Yet again we have a “blind” “red mist” by Labour supporters who cannot, or do not want to admit, what was really happening at the Parish Council.


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