Anston Councillor Judy Dalton Steps Down

After just one term in office Judy Dalton of Anston and Woodsetts Ward will step down as a Councillor.

Judy and Dominic Beck trying to get a pensioner thrown out of Anston Parish Hall. Happy Days.

Whether you regard this as retirement or resignation it comes against a background of strong criticism for her past roles in Rotherham Council’s failure to protect children and failure to keep criminal elements from working in Rotherham’s taxi trade.

“Louise Casey’s report uncovered serious weaknesses in the council’s taxi licensing where sufficient steps to ensure only fit and proper persons are permitted to hold taxi licenses have not been, and are not being undertaken.

There can be no confidence in the council’s Licensing Committee.

I am thus minded that the commissioners will take control of all the council’s licensing functions.” Eric Pickles

Her Career to date:

DALTON Judy    (Councillor from May 2011)

(a) committees

Vice-Chair of Health Select Commission (May 2012 to date)

Health Select Commission (May 2011 to date)

Licensing Board (May 2013 to date)

Licensing Committee (May 2013 to date)

Overview and Scrutiny Management Board (May 2012 to date)

Adviser to Cabinet Member for Culture and Tourism  (May 2013 to date)

Senior Adviser to Cabinet Member for Culture, Lifestyle, Sport and Tourism (May 2011 to May 2012)

Adviser to Cabinet Member for Safeguarding Children and Adults (May 2012 to May 2013)

Transport Liaison Group (May 2012 to date)

(b) other roles

Hospital Teaching and Home Tuition Service (2012 to 2013)

South Yorkshire Joint Committee on Archaeology (May 2012 to May 2013)

Renewal or Discharge of Guardianship Order Panel (May 2013 to date)

9 thoughts on “Anston Councillor Judy Dalton Steps Down

  1. Andy_Milner

    Is it me or does it seem odd that both Councillors who were advisers to the Cabinet Member for Safeguarding Children are standing down… Not only is Councillor Dalton standing down but so is Councillor Havenhand…. Took its time coming but now we just need the rest to do the decent thing…

  2. Watchman

    Dalton has too many questions to answer about her failures as an RMBC councillor and why she failed to register her company in the Register of Interests. She may have duped the equally ineffective Monitoring Officer that the company had nothing to do with her but further evidence is available. On 17th April 2013 Dalton posted this:

    Furthermore on her profile page for RMBC she wrote;
    “I am a partner in a small business and understand some of the issues which face local businesses. but she does not mention Gangs and Grooming.
    She consistently tries to avoid answering any questions about what she knows about CSE in Rothertham just as she ducks and dives over questions to her from an independent parish councillor concerning the false and erroneous statements she made in her letter to the ‘Advertiser’ last year.
    She will not be missed.


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