Dinnington Town Councillors Refuse to Condemn Disgraced Rotherham Councillors

Dinnington Town Council at their Monday night meeting refused to condemn the disgraced Rotherham Councillors and call for immediate resignations.

One Councillors said the move would be too drastic. What?!!!

When firebrand Councillor Dave Smith tried to place the subject on the agenda he was voted down.

Shame, Shame, Shame, SHAME!

See it here for yourselves!

Part one

Part two

Yet by only the narrowest of margins did Dave Smith prevent the Council from giving TEN THOUSAND POUNDS to an organisation with connections to a Councillors daughter!

Unbe smegging lieavable.

5 thoughts on “Dinnington Town Councillors Refuse to Condemn Disgraced Rotherham Councillors

  1. S Thornton

    Three Cllrs voted to withhold the money, Scott, Smith and the Vice Chair Chapman. The rest just sat there and did and said nothing. It was a democratic vote, taken in the correct way and Passed without opposition. So why did the Chairman and the other Labour Cllrs spend the next 20 or so minutes trying to overturn the vote. ?? The Chairman, Cllr McIvor wanted to have JADE come and give a presentation, he did not get his way, so he then tried to influence the rest of them to have another vote. Democracy at its best.

  2. Andy_Milner

    If you look at the video you can see Councillor Simon Tweed shake his head and mouth “No” to Town Council Chairman Councillor McIver when Councillor Smith raises the question… Can you hear that sound..? It’s the sound of previous Councillors turning in their graves at the lack of democracy in Dinnington… Disgusting…

  3. DaVery Gregory

    Absolutely disgusting. Towing the party line n saving your own skins rather than doing the right think. I expected better from Cllr Tweed but he has proved himself to be like the rest of them, disgusting. Incidentally has Cllr Havenhand declared her family interest in Jade?


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