Judy Goes on a Walk

Our very own Anston Councillor Judy Dalton has discovered a new walk she’s enjoying recently, no it’s not a one trip she is planning on coming back, despite being a key player at Rotherham Council which was described as “not fit for purpose” recently.


Apparently Judy’s walk was “heralded by birdsong” unlike her job as Taxi Licensing supremo which has been heralded by the arrival of government commissioners sent to replace her and her colleagues. Taxi’s were highlighted in the recent reports into RMBC child protection failings as ace facilitators to the child trafficking trade, ferrying victims around Rotherham and to cities beyond.

Well we’re glad Judy had a nice walk and her dog enjoyed itself, but with hindsight wouldn’t it be better if she’d spent the morning tightening up on background checks and other licensing matters?

In fact Judy, rather than having the cheek to walk round Anston and campaign for re-election in May with Sir Kevin Nutkin it might be better if you just kept on walking…!

11 thoughts on “Judy Goes on a Walk

  1. Insider

    She’ll be going on longer walks now. She’s been deselected by the Labour party for May’s elections.
    She won’t be missed.

      1. Insider.

        The Labour party tried to keep this quiet and Dalton is staying schtum. My info comes from ‘Near the top’. I really hope my informant/mole has got this right. (He’s been 99.9% right so far) Once the candidates list is published we will know for certain.

  2. hestradahaigh

    Not fit for purpose as Louise Casey’s report says about you and your cohorts You are an embarrassment and a disgrace. Keep Walking Judy Dalton, straight past Anston Parish Council ‘cos WE DO NOT WANT YOU.

  3. S Thornton

    Its not a surprise she has been deselected, she was up to her neck in it whilst chair of the Licencing Committee. If the whole Cabinet resigned, why did she think she had a chance of standing for Labour.
    By the way, if she goes through Elliot`s field into Hodkin`s field, past the reed beds, then carries on as she indicates, then she is in a private field and is therefore trespassing !!. But there again she probably thinks the rules do not apply to her, she just ignores them at the Parish Council.

  4. S Thornton

    Cllr Dalton has been a Parish Councillor for over Twenty years, so spot the BIG GLARING ERROR
    “A wintry walk in SOUTH ANSTON”, don`t think so, she was in NORTH ANSTON for the duration of her walk. That`s how much notice she takes of our village, but there again she does live in Dinnington.
    Could I suggest a Map next time.


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