Housing Development near Swinston Hill and Lakeland Drive

This is a  scaled back version of the 2011 plan when RMBC wanted to go all the way out to the Butterfly House with 1200 houses, but it has probably sparked more opposition than any other in Dinnington.

It a 240 home housing estate, possibly partly “affordable” possibly not given recent government relaxation of rules. Access for the new owners would partly come from a new access road on Swinston Hill, facilitated by demolition of an existing home.

Approx 80 of the houses would be served by making Wentworth Way into a through road, a contentious decision on a road where parking is already something of a problem.


Developer’s idea of what the site could look like:


10 thoughts on “Housing Development near Swinston Hill and Lakeland Drive

  1. S Thornton

    I was at the “so called” Consultation on 6th November. I brought up the subject of house numbers, and why they were still using the same fig/numbers as before. Several hundred houses have had planning permission passed in the Dinnington area since the last big consultation, yet the proposed house numbers seem to stay the same. I was told twice that “house numbers” had been taken into consideration, but still got no answer to the question, why have the numbers not reduced.
    I also questioned the time frame for all the “consultations” that are taking place, and asked when our RMBC Cllrs will be voting on the final plan, the answer was “probably” sometime in 2017. What, 2017, at the rate the planning board are passing planning permissions, the numbers in the plan will have been exceeded.
    With regard to the proposed 38 houses they want at Penny Piece Lane, Anston, just how are the Children who will be living there, get to School (Wales or Dinnington), there are no bus routes, and the nearest shops at over a mile away up main street. If they wish to visit the Doctors, they will either have to walk up a very steep Quarry Lane, or go all the way round up past the Baulk. Why do I get the impression that these plan`s were drawn from a desk and no one bothered to do a site visit.
    And finally, I hear on the grape vine that our dear RMBC Cllr, Judy Dalton, the one that lives in Dinnington , is trying to take credit for the reduced number of proposed houses in Anston. BUT wait a minute, wasn’t she, along with the other RMBC Cllr, Jo Burton, the two who refused at Parish Council meetings to condemn the house building on Green Belt, and then went and voted at RMBC for the LDF Plan. Tut Tut, Shame on you.
    It was more like, the Pressure from Independent Parish Councillors, (and RMBC Cllr Jepson) who consistently spoke up, along with the Local Green Belt group.
    If there is a Band waggon passing, Guess who jumps on it.

    Cllr Stuart Thornton
    Anston Parish Council

    1. lovedinnington Post author

      I think Judy and Jo are full of it, if they’d been such an effective fighting force (laughable really, they will also stick to the party line) how come Anston gets the travellers site? After all the guff they spouted about it last year.

  2. S Thornton

    When the idea of the Travellers site at Dog Kennel Lane first came up, both Cllr Dalton and Burton said very little about it at the Parish Council Meeting.
    Yet low and behold when a large group of the Public turned up at another Council Meeting to protest at the site, both these two were falling over themselves to show how much they backed them. They both then went off to RMBC and voted for the Core Strategy document, which involved the Travellers site at Dog Kennel Lane. Its my understanding that since then, they have done nothing to support the Group. The only RMBC Cllr who has taken up the mantle and consistently fought against the site is Independent Cllr Clive Jepson.
    Saying one thing at Parish Meetings and then going to RMBC to do another thing, is treating the Public with disrespect and it shows contempt to those who vote for them.
    Its becoming quite clear that its only the Independent Cllrs who are working for the People of Anston.

    1. Moonshine

      Hello boys I am back again
      Went to Anston Parish meeting on 17 nov, only to see afterwards that love
      dinnington had cherry picked what was to be broadcast on YouTube and yet cllr Thornton had standing orders rearranged to allow you to video meeting for the public, but yet when the public say things that might interest Anston people you choose not to broadcast them, because you as a Dinnington resident probably disagree with them, please be fair and let the public see and hear both sides of the story.
      I await your reply 🙂

      1. lovedinnington Post author

        Not sure what you mean there, is some of the meeting missing? We always upload the whole lot, we don’t cut out anything for precisely the reasons you allude to. The meeting is uploaded in two chunks, is it possible you missed one?

      2. Colin Tawn

        ‘Moonshine’ again fails to highlight which parts of the APC meeting have been ‘cherrypicked’.in the two videos. His/her post is just the usual rant without any specifics but full of inaccurate allegations. Any damn fool can criticise but not every damn fool supplies the details.

  3. S Thornton

    I would be very interested to know how I “rearranged” standing Orders to allow the videoing for the Public ?. I cannot make any changes or “rearrange” Standing Orders on my own, there has to be a majority vote.
    I proposed to film the meeting several months ago, before the current rules came into force. It was backed by a full majority of all those present, with the one exception, Cllr St John. Cllr St John lives in Dinnington, so why does he want to prevent the People of Anston seeing democracy ?
    Full explanation required please as to how I “rearranged” Standing Orders .
    PS I post under my own name , why don’t you. If you want a full, honest and open debate, stop sniping at others whilst hiding behind a false name. Using your own name will give you a lot more credibility.

  4. S Thornton

    There are two video streams you can watch, the ones posted on here, and Anston Parish Councils own video footage.
    what , No Council footage ? well the Council have been filming meetings for a couple of months, including directly filming the public. Rather sinister filming the public isn’t it, especially when all the labour Party Members present at a charity meeting, voted to stop the Public filming them, but allowed the Charity/Council to film the Public. Yet again its my understanding, two Labour Cllrs who live in Dinnington, Dalton and St John, both voted to stop Anston Residents from seeing democracy in action. This is the second time Cllr St John has voted to stop himself being filmed. Is it because he does not want to be accountable to the Public. If he does not want to be accountable to the Public its time he was voted out.
    By the way, those Council videos, no I can not find them either. So what`s going on ???


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