New Travellers Camp for South Anston?

Yet another of the recent “gifts” from Rotherham Council in their Local Plan, this proposed travellers site is situated on the RMBC works depot near Kiveton station. It actually falls within the boundaries of Anston, but appears on the Wales maps. Not that people in Thorpe Salvin, Kiveton or Wales are going to be chuffed about it, but a classic RMBC smoke screen manoeuvre to try and keep folks in Anston unaware.


2 thoughts on “New Travellers Camp for South Anston?

  1. S Thornton

    I attended the “so called” consultation at Dinnington Resources Centre on November 6th. A consultation is not a Consultation when RMBC Planning Staff are telling me that the Travellers site at Dog Kennel Lane is going ahead regardless. When I questioned the decision I was told it was going to be there, unless I could come up with a better and more acceptable site.
    Take it from me its already a done decision. The people of Anston are getting the Travellers site if they like it or not.
    Several times I asked the question “why are we (Anston) getting three Travellers site, when the rest of Rotherham are not” . I was not given a credible answer at all. ( the three sites are Magilla trading estate, Old Railway Station at South Anston and now Dog Kennel)
    What was more interesting was that our two RMBC Labour Cllrs, Cllrs Burton and Dalton were either not there (Cllr Burton) or only turned up for about 20 minutes (Cllr Dalton). A bit rich when you consider that up until Cllr Burtons Election in May 14, both these Cllrs were “all for” opposition to the Travellers site at Parish Council Meetings, But just recently both Cllrs did as they were told by the Labour Party at RMBC, and voted for the “LDF” plan which included both building on Green belt in Anston and for the Travellers site at Dog Kennel.
    They tell you one thing at the Parish Council, then go and do something different at RMBC.
    Its time the Labour lot went in Anston and then we can have Independent Cllrs who will actually work for the village, and will not put party loyalty first.

    Cllr Stuart Thornton
    Anston Parish Council


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