New Housebuilding in Anston

In the latest of our series we look at two small pockets of housing to be built in Anston over the next 10 years or so.


We have 38 homes going onto the pasture land at Pennypiece Lane, nice views and nice location will mean these houses will fetch a good price.

The old Kirkby Central site will also be developed to provide 30 new homes. Not sure if we are losing the petrol station here or how they will provide access onto the beleaguered local roads. Not much of a view either, just lots of noise and pollution from the A57 but that doesn’t put the rest of South Anston off.

1 thought on “New Housebuilding in Anston

  1. Mr. Stephen Thomas.

    The proposed development on Penny Piece Lane is totally inappropriate. The land is greenbelt and contains a conservation site. Rotherham council have consistently ignored objections from local residents and appear determined to push this project through. Government guidelines state that exceptional circumstances must be proven in order to take the land out of the greenbelt. No such exceptional circumstances exist. The current planning application put forward by the developer is not fit for purpose. Both the developer and the council are ignoring all the facts and figures that clearly show the local infrastructure cannot support this number of new homes. Penny Piece Lane itself is a narrow lane with no footpath for pedestrians on one side. It is already quite a hair raising experience to navigate the lane when oncoming traffic can force you into the hedge. There are three junctions very close together where it meets Main Street. The development plans will add another junction within a hundred yards. The increased traffic will add to the danger for pedestrians and drivers alike, when using the lane. The 28 properties will, if built, increase traffic with at least 56 new cars plus all the service vehicles and the delivery vehicles. In addition the plans show minimal parking provided for the new residents so visitors will no doubt park on Penny Piece Lane. There is no bus service so all the school children will have to walk along the lane. It is a recipe for disaster. The proposed plans will also change the nature of the landscape. This goes against government guidelines. The new properties will look down onto existing properties causing loss of privacy and in one or two cases possible loss of light. We all realise that there is a national need for affordable housing. However this development is for Luxury housing on greenbelt land with a lovely view. PROFIT is the only aim here. Of the 28 properties only 6 will be so called “Affordable” bungalows. The rest will be large 4 and 5 bedroomed houses. In order to get the maximum profit out of the space available, some of the properties will be three storey buildings. The plans show the living rooms will be on the first floor, again looking down into existing properties causing loss of privacy. The whole thing is totally out of character with the surrounding area and should be stopped.


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