New Housing will Increase Traffic by 20-25% in Dinnington and Anston!

Rotherham Council have predicted that their plans for Dinnington and Anston will see traffic volumes in our area rise by 20-25% over the next 15 years. This compares to 14% nationally and 8% in the rest of rural Rotherham.

Journey times in some cases could double as 1500 new houses are built and over 15% of new industrial land is built on our greenbelt, all without improvement to the road system.

1. The new A57 route will have to be compromised to allow access to a huge new industrial estate.

2. Swinston Hill will have to be altered to provide road access to approx 160 new homes.

3. Wentworth Way converted to the through road to service 80 new homes.

4. Oldcotes Road and Monksbridge are will need alteration as Throapham doubles in size.

5. South Anston crossroads will require alteration to allow new volumes of traffic from Dinnington to access the A57.

3 thoughts on “New Housing will Increase Traffic by 20-25% in Dinnington and Anston!

  1. rothervalleystrictlynotpolitics

    Where has the massive new industrial estate at Todwick suddenly come from? This will be a Trojan horse development like the Brethren School would have been. They will fill in the rest of the greenbelt up to Anston and Dinnington with new housing. Fight now or forever hold your peace.

  2. lovedinnington Post author

    It was mooted on the plans in 2011, except back then it was combined with housing and new schools, etc. Now RMBC have said they want more space for factories and industrial units near the motorway, wouldn’t mind so much if it would decent jobs to the area like technology or computing, it will be low skill and loads of lorries and pollution.

  3. S Thornton

    Interesting in that they are going to build an Industrial Estate slap bang over a massive mining area. The proposed area was subjected to large scale mining in the 1960`s, its my understanding that this mining was not just a straight roadway/seam, it was “area” mining, using “back filling”. Hence the reason to keep patching Todwick Road due to subsidence, before the whole road was resurfaced. I aim to ask at the consultation if any “survey” was done or is it just a case of another “desk exercise”.
    I wonder if all the proposed new houses in Dinnington/ Anston will be for locals, or will they be for all the outsiders who are coming to work in the new industrial area.
    All those folk who live locally, did you really believe the RMBC spin that all these new houses were going to be “affordable” and for your kids, think again.


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