Housing Plans for Dinnington and Anston Revealed!

The final chapter of the Local Plan consultation has now begun! Rotherham council have revealed full details of the sites that will see new housing and commercial development over the next 15 years, much of it on our green belt.


Some of the highlights:

1. 240 new homes on fields behind Wentworth Way, Wentworth Way to be converted to a through road to service the development.

2. Hundreds of new homes at Throapham on fields behind Dinno Comp.

3. Miners Welfare ground to be partially sold to housing developers after a secret deal struck by Dinnington Town Council and MP Kevin Barron.

4. New industrial estate on green belt fields near Todwick Crossroads.

5. Pasture land in Anston to be used to housing.

6. Gypsy Camp to be built in South Anston near Kiveton Station.

Have your say on the proposals by clicking here.


6 thoughts on “Housing Plans for Dinnington and Anston Revealed!

  1. Colin Tawn

    Contrary to Labour councillors claims ‘We have to build on Greenbelt’ the DCLG says this:
    “The Framework makes clear that, once established, green belt boundaries should only be altered in exceptional circumstances, through the preparation or review of the Local Plan.”
    Let’s see if RMBC abide by the regulations.

  2. rothervalleystrictlynotpolitics

    Anston has got off very lightly. What I can’t understand is why Dinnington needs so many additional homes, I suspect this will be due to white flight out of our cities and towns due to mass immigration.


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