Dinnington Miners Welfare to Rise Again???

The Bulldozers moved to demolish the remains of Park House, the Dinnington Miner’s Welfare this week but sources involved in the recent secret meeting between Kevin Barron MP, Dinnington Town Council and the Coal Industry Social Welfare Organisation (CISWO) indicated today that a new Miners Welfare could rise from the ashes.

2013-10-20 13.54.25

The price to be paid? One third of the prime land surrounding the institute must be sold to developers to build new houses adjacent to the High Nook estate.

Dinnington Town Council and The Friends of the Miners Welfare group led by Cllr Steve Scott are understood to have green lighted the demolition on condition that the Town Council be given a 100 year lease on the remaining two thirds of the land and some of the proceeds from the land sale be invested into Park House II (our name not theirs)

However not all of the Town Council were present at the meeting so it is unclear how they as a body have agreed to this undertaking. Also a split has opened in the Friends of the Miners Welfare group as two of their membership were thrown out of the meeting when Sir Kev spat his dummy out and refused to tolerate their presence.

A source close to Sir Kev explained that there is precious little love between our local MP and firebrand ex NUM official Dave Smith which may go some way to explaining events.

Meanwhile Dinnington Town Council will at its next meeting consider this application to knock Park House down. WHY HAVE A PLANNING APPLICATION TO KNOCK DOWN A BUILDING WHICH IS NOW A SMOKING CRATER?


Muppetry becomes mayhem as we try to make sense of this Barronesk carbuncle of blunders.

1 thought on “Dinnington Miners Welfare to Rise Again???

  1. rothervalleystrictlynotpolitics.wordpress.com

    Just had an email from Rotherham borough about new housing, it looks like they have make the process as complicated and confusing as possible, so that they can build houses by stealth.


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