Anston Parish Council Meeting 24th September

Anston Parish Council sinks deeper into its quagmire of incompetence, rudeness, bickering and despair.

Video from the meeting, Part one and Part two, apologies for the poor quality, I was a bit late and couldn’t set up properly!

Some high(low)lights;

1. The Council are installing their own system to record meetings, but it’s not quite finished.

2. Stuart Thornton is under investigation for various things as usual, for balance I would have to add the allegations are all from Labour Cllrs or their supporters. The local Police have told me that Labour party Cllrs have made statements against him despite not actually seeing the incident they were giving a statement about. Interesting…!

3. Cllr Burton will not be resigning despite spending quite a few years scrutinizing child protection in Rotherham.

4. Cllr St John likewise (he was a borough Cllr) and major at the time much of the abuse and trafficking was going on.

5. Many Cllrs stayed away from the meeting.

6. A local lady thinks the Anston Wells may be making children ill. I’ve been drinking it all my life and it’s never hurt me!

2 thoughts on “Anston Parish Council Meeting 24th September

  1. S Thornton

    Just for clarity
    I am under investigation for an “so called” assault. I was struck three times by a Parish Cllrs husband, in self defence I pushed him away. Four Labour Cllrs, Bridges, Dalton, Stonebridge and Wardle made complaints against me. Not one of these Cllrs saw anything whatsoever. Not one of these Cllrs provided any evidence to back up their complaints. They made statements only after a year into the investigation, at the request of the Investigator. Of the four Cllrs only three made statements, strangely, the investigator forgot to ask for a statement of Cllr Bridges, who it just happens is a Magistrate. Out of over 30 statements taken by the Police, the investigator has only chosen to interview a close friend of Cllr Dalton`s and the other “witness” is also a friend of Cllr Dalton`s who just happens to have a Financial interest in the Parish Council . No statements from the “other side” were taken.
    More to follow on this one, I assure you.
    I am also under investigation for “so called ” Blabbing my mouth” ( the Chairman`s words not mine) in respect of a confidential meeting . Cllr Dalton ( that name again) made a “so called” complaint to the Chairman Cllr Ireland, who in turn, did as he was told, and made a complaint to the Standards Committee. strangely, at the last Council meeting he seemed very happy to talk about what happened in the Confidential Meeting, Both Cllrs have lied, one in a statement to the standards committee and another in Public.
    More to follow on this one, I assure you.
    And lastly, I am also under investigation after a complaint from Cllr St John. for calling him “corrupt”. ( make your own mind up folks) This Cllr has also lied in his evidence.
    More to follow on this one, I assure you.
    Cllrs should not lie in order to “Stich up” other Cllrs, Cllrs are obliged to be honest, and follow the Nolan Principles, well that is, with the exception of certain Labour Cllrs.
    ALL of these complaints will be a defining test of how well the Standards System at RMBC works. If you lie then its time to go.
    As I said before, More to come on this one, I assure you..


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