Did our Local Councillors know about Child Abuse and Trafficking in Rotherham?

The CSE scandal in Rotherham has rocked the entire country and left our local government in tatters. What is still unclear is exactly what our own local councillors knew at the time, indeed some of them attended a seminar on CSE in 2005 where apparently the fact were laid bare (according to the Jay Report)

Some even served on the oversight committee tasked with ensuring child protection in Rotherham was up to scratch at the time.

Cllr Jane Havenhand from Dinnington was questioned about this very subject on Monday night at Dinnington Town Council where she is also a member. Cllr Havenhand is also the chair of the local Area Assembly and cancelled a meeting soon after the Jay Report landed, saying she was concerned “outside bodies may try to use the Area Assembly meeting for other than it is intended”. An attempt to stifle public debate and avoid unpopular questions? Despite our asking she’s saying nothing.

Her comments at Dinnington Town Council can be seen here.

Full recording of the question asked here.

4 thoughts on “Did our Local Councillors know about Child Abuse and Trafficking in Rotherham?

  1. S Thornton

    Of course they knew, that’s why they are refusing to answer questions
    . Here in Anston, we have Cllr Burton who was on the Children Scrutiny Committee 2007 to 2009 . She is refusing to accept any responsibility and says she knew nothing. I find it very hard to believe that no cases or information of cases came before the Scrutiny Committee in two years. The jay report clearly shows that abuse was going on up to and beyond 2012.
    Cllr Burton, its time to come clean, or OFF YOU GO.
    We also have Cllr St John on our Parish Council, he who at every opportunity reminds us that he was an RMBC Cllr and a Mayor to boot. Strange then on this subject he is invisible. This man was on RMBC Council throughout the Jay report period, he held senior positions on the Council, including Cabinet posts. He is even shown as a Member of a Children`s Scrutiny Sub Committee in 2004. HE ALSO ATTENDED THE SEMINAR IN 2005. Are we to believe he knew nothing ?. Lets see if he comes clean at next Monday nights Parish Meeting.
    Cllr St John its time to come clean, or OFF YOU GO
    I am sure that with the number of investigations in the pipeline, all the nitty gritty detail will be out there for us to see. It may be better to jump now, before a very embarrassing push.

  2. hestradahaigh

    Having just watched the question put to Dinnington Town Council, by Dave Smith, on the Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham, I am disgusted at the lack of response from Cllr Havenhand, who apart from saying she would not give a statement and that she would not stand down, refused to comment on the seminar of 2005 on this subject at which she was an attendee.
    The questioner pressed her for an answer at which she bleated she was being intimidated by the questioner. That the chairman then took up this nonsensical remark was a disgrace. Being intimidated – no – being asked to answer a perfectly reasonable question.

    How do these two think the dreadfully abused children felt, terrified and intimidated most likely.

    Cllr Havenhand – Not give a statement, not stand down, not answer a question. Then why is she there? Yes Cllr Havenhand you should stand down you are completely negative therefore of no use.

  3. Colin Tawn

    .Cllr.Havenhand and her colleague in Anston Cllr.Burton are both named as being present at the seminar on 5th April 2005 where CSE was discussed. One of the resolutions passed at the meeting says: ‘That the Rotherham Community Safety Partnership be asked to include the Sexual Exploitation of Children as a principle theme within the forthcoming three years Community Safety Strategy’. Cllr.Havenhand says “I did’nt know”. This repeated soundbite infers she did not know or was aware of CSE at all in Rotherham. The Jay Report repeatedly demolishes this lie and coupled with the minutes shows Havenhand has no integrity, no moral fibre and is a dishonourable person clinging to the wreckage of her political career.

  4. S Thornton

    Stop Press
    Cllr St John was asked at the Parish Meeting if he attended the 2005 Meeting ( the CSE Seminar ) he jumped to his feet, (why, we always answer questions sitting down) and said we could not talk about these things at a Parish Council Meeting. He clearly was not comfortable with the question, and avoided it at all costs. He seems to have jumped on the same cart as Cllr Burton, who also is refusing to answer questions on her role in the CSE issue.
    See LoveDinninton`s film of the meeting.
    (note also, how Cllr St John “jumps up” and berates Cllr Jepson, threatening behaviour in my book, )


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