Secret (or at least closed) Meeting in Dinnington Decides to Sell Miners Welfare

The future of the Miners Welfare ground was discussed last night in a Friends of Dinnington Miners Welfare meeting with Dinnington Town Council, MP Kevin Barron, Rotherham planning and CISWO the site’s dubious owners.


2013-10-20 14.00.30

Latest Developments:

1. Dinnington Town Council insist their policy of objecting to RMBC’s Core Strategy still stands, but what of their policy of opposing building on greenbelt. The housing developer will NOT be building on the demolished Park House, they want the field adjacent to High Nook.

2. Local Councillor says they do not usually condone building on greenbelt but the possible investment from the sale of houses may be worth it if local people get a new community centre or playing fields from the deal. BUT nothing has been agreed and no investment has yet been promised,

3. Our local MP Kevin Barron refused to chair the meeting until two ex-miners he doesn’t like were TURFED OUT.

4. The meeting was said to be “not secret” but it wasn’t exactly public either. No minutes were kept. We say it should have been a public meeting so all of Dinnington could have their say.

The Friends of Dinnington Miners Welfare threw out two of their members in mysterious circumstances before before it could start. Depending on who you talk to the chucking out was either done by one of the Friends or Kevin Barron. More on that as we get it.

The meeting heard that what’s left of Park House will be demolished with CISWO and RMBC set to disagree on who should pay for it. One third of the surrounding green field site would be sold to developers, the remainder being leased back to Dinnington but it is unclear at this point whether receipts for the sale would be invested into the site or taken away from Dinnington.

Possibilities include the Friends receiving money for a community centre and houses for retired miners.

CISWO acquired the site approx 8 years ago as they hoovered up assets left behind as the miners organisations withered nationwide.

The site is registered by the Council as a community asset, so much for that one!

More details as we receive them!

4 thoughts on “Secret (or at least closed) Meeting in Dinnington Decides to Sell Miners Welfare

  1. anon

    why if they are dead set on building on this site don’t they buid some nice bungalows ,like they have on leicester road and turn the old park house into a lovely o.a.p centre ? we need to start and lobby the council and developers to seriously start saving our old buildings we are losing too much history same with the lordens hotel site dont demolish thet could be recycled into some lovely flats and they’d have private parking

  2. S Thornton

    There are lots of things going on behind closed doors with this issue, I am sure more information will be out in the open soon. It seems that our MP Sir Kevin Barron may well be dealing behind closed doors with dubious people.


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