4 thoughts on “Councillor Judy Dalton in the Local Papers!

  1. Timawells

    If you add the Conservative and UKIP votes together that is nearly 1.5 times the vote for the Labour party, people didn’t vote Labour and end up with Labour.

  2. Tim

    If Julie isn’t willing to attend meetings then she must step down as a Parish councillor, as she doesn’t have to attend Parish meetings as a ward councillor.

  3. S Thornton

    What a disgrace, a Parish Councillor cannot just pick and choose when they want to attend Meetings. Note she does not name the so called “Bullies”. If she is making such serious accusations as these, then she needs to back up her comments, if she will not name them then she should resign her seat.
    All Parish Councillors at Anston receive comments from the public, they do the right thing and get on with the job. Note again she says nothing about the comments to Independent Councillors from Labour Party Members/supporters.
    Those of the Public “in the know” are convinced that she is avoiding the Council Meetings so as not to be accountable to the Public in the run up to her Election in May. Cllr Dalton is up for Election both at the Parish Council and at Rotherham. She has chosen to sacrifice the people of Anston in order to keep her paid job as RMBC Cllr .
    Cllr Dalton has stated that she is not attending Council Meetings due to the “bullying”, yet the very same people she is accusing, attend the committee meetings, so If she was telling the truth about “bullying” she would not be attending other committee meetings.
    Tonight she attended a committee meeting and the so called “bullies” were there, I saw no sign of her “distress” whilst she was sat arguing with another Cllr.
    She was elected by the people of Anston to represent them, by not attending the next eight council meetings (there are only 11 in one year) she is in effect sticking two fingers up at all those who voted for her.
    I say again what a disgrace, she should go now.

  4. Colin Tawn

    What Judy Dalton calls ‘bullying’ is in reality her being held to account by members of the public who attend APC meetings. Procedural impropriety,stifling legitimate debates and not adhering to the Nolan Principles are some of the actions she claims she is being ‘bullied’ for.
    Jacqui Collins (Monitoring Officer for RMBC) cannot define bullying and part-time councillor Dalton knows this. Dalton is one of the ringleaders of the Labour clique who mismanaged affairs at APC and Martin Kimber (RMBC CEO) decided to order training for Anston councillors after numerous complaints about Labour councillors behaviour towards members of the public.
    It is Anston residents who have been bullied for several years but unlike her we make the effort to attend council meetings because democracy always wins.


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