A Government Inspector Gives the Verdict on Council Plans for Dinnington

Government inspector Richard Hollox has largely green lighted plans to build 1500 new homes in Dinnington, 1000 of them on green belt land.

The report in full is here.

Some highlights:

Dinnington suffers from “an undue preponderance of vacant units and
charity and value shops”

“Dinnington East, will be removed from the Green Belt”

Dinnington has “the character of a small, bustling town with frequent bus services to
Rotherham and Sheffield”

Greenbelt land to the east of Dinnington (Lakeland Drive area) will be used as this is easier for developers to build on.

The high quality agricultural land will be worth losing as it means 700 houses can be build right next to Lakeland Drive.

No new schools, doctors, road or other infrastructure.

Other areas would have required a larger investment in schools, etc. from developers.

4 thoughts on “A Government Inspector Gives the Verdict on Council Plans for Dinnington

  1. S Thornton

    So its a case of “sod you” Anston and Dinnington, your having your housing like it or not.
    I believe there is a consultation on the Plan at the Eric Mann`s Building in Rotherham (note you will all have to arrange to travel to see it, why not at the Resources Centre) towards the end of July. Interestingly I will be watching what happens with the “proposed” Gypsie site at the bottom of Dog Kennel Lane. The document clearly states that Rotherham only has to supply a certain number of sites, and has to take into consideration prior allocations. We already have two sites, Magilla, and the old Railway Station, so we should not expect any more
    . No where in this document does it say how the over crowded Schools, and the overflowing Doctors are going to be upgraded. We already have a system where diagnosis by phone is routine.
    After Consultation it will have to be adopted by RMBC, so lets watch how our Labour Cllrs Burton, Dalton and Havenhand vote. I would suggest if they stick to their track record of voting to build on our Green Belt , Then we should all vote them out of office at the next Elections in May.

  2. Tim

    If it is true that they are going to build housing on the fields on the other side of Lakeland way, I think RMBC and the government should be wary of the reaction. They will reap what they sow. Before we have any more houses in Anston we need shops and facilities for those that already live here.

  3. Colin Tawn

    Interesting report-if you are a builder/developer.
    In spite of several emails to Yorkshire Water and Severn Trent Water neither of them know-or will admit-who is responsible for water and sewage in the Lakeland Drive area.
    The average daily water consumption per household in Britain is 150 litres-

    Click to access Water_factsheet_2012.pdf

    700 x 150=105000. Where is the extra water coming from? How many months will Lakeland Drive be closed due to contractors laying new water and sewage pipes? Lakeland Drive road surface cannot cope with current traffic so imagine what it will be like with 32 and 44 ton trucks driving to and from the building site.
    Noise,dust and pollution concerns everyone however people living in the metropolitan bubble are neither concerned nor worried about large scale housebuilding projects and the disruption to our daily lives.
    Jo Burton is on record telling us that if they-RMBC councillors-do not agree to the desecration of our greenbelt the ‘the government’ will impose these new homes on us. If the majority Labour councillors put up a robust defence and listened to the voters and residents who will be affected by this proposal and allied themselves to groups like Save our Greenbelt perhaps we might believe her. Rolling over like a puppy and accepting this as a done deal does not inspire any confidence in her or her party.

  4. S Thornton

    I hear that there is to be a “drop in” at the Town hall on the plan that RMBC Cabinet have already approved. This is on 31st July, although no paperwork to invite people to attend has been seen yet. This will be for RMBC Members and Parish/Town Cllrs.
    I understand that there will be some kind of “Public Consultation” in August (again no details) but it is also understood that the Plan will be put before RMBC Cllrs for the vote to accept it.
    Just in time for the Elections next May,
    we will be watching how our Labour Cllrs, Dalton and Havenhand vote, because they are up for Election. Will they tow the Party line and vote with the Party or will they listen to those who elect them, I think we already know the answer.


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