A Local Referendum for Dinnington on Greenbelt Issues?

Dinnington residents attending the Parish Meeting on Monday April 14th will have the opportunity to vote for a Parish Poll, a local referendum to be held on whether or not Dinnington should give up large areas of its green belt for housing developments,

If at least 10 local residents ask for a poll the local authority is duty bound to call a date and give the people of Dinnington their say at the ballot box, Like all referendums, however the poll is not binding, merely an expression of opinion.

Please come and support us at the Lyric on Monday.

3 thoughts on “A Local Referendum for Dinnington on Greenbelt Issues?

  1. dave4dinnington

    Can’t tell you enough how important it is for people of Dinnington to attend this, the town council have supposed to have publicised it but as usual they have done a crap job of it.
    Dave Smith

  2. Independentanstonpolitics.wordpress.com

    I understand that there will also be an annual Parish meeting in Anston.


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