Anston Parish Council Pour Poo Poo on Tesco Rumours

It felt like a war of attrition tonight at Anston Parish Council as Cllrs and Agitators alike lost theirs rags and in some cases stomped out early from a venom filled poison fest of a Parish Council meeting.

The Council’s bussed in support barely made it past the starting line.

1. Councillors cautiously welcome the possibility of an extension to the side of the Cutler pub, saying it could bring business into the area. Much scorn was poured on the rumour that Tesco may acquire the site, time will well.

2. Councillor Jo Burton lamented the (possible) loss of Anston’s Sure Start centre, when asked why she voted for it in the full Council budget she fumbled and blamed the government, Wonder if she voted to cut her own allowances as well? No thought not!

3. Cllr Brindley says many of the Sure Start children come from “suspect families” which I’m sure will endear her to all those who attend. My wife went to Sure Start centres, does that make us “suspect”? On second thoughts leave that one!

4. A presentation by the “Independent Person” appointed by RMBC to sort out the wrong doings at the Council was given a mixed reception. Whilst most Cllrs and members of the public wanted him to continue there was grumblings that complaints were being brushed under the carpet.

5. Cllr Jo Burton admitted finally that she was talking tosh when she offered to make all the housing developers use brown field land before raiding the greenbelt. Glad you finally read the law and caught up with the rest of us Jo!

There was more but I made my excuses and left before my soul was further corrupted and hightailed it back to Dinno.

52 thoughts on “Anston Parish Council Pour Poo Poo on Tesco Rumours

  1. dave4dinnington

    I must admit I have never seen such a shambles the chairman can’t hear the questions and the clerk can’t write them down. Is this what the independent guy who was there would call moving forward and the green shoots. A couple a years ago I christened it the comedy club, it hasn’t changed. Nor has Labour, blame anyone for the cuts and job losses but themselves, as the drug advert used to say, just say no; sorry I forgot they are too well paid and cowards to do that.
    Dave Smith


    The vacant Plaxton’s site is an ideal location for a Tesco store, relieving traffic congestion between Dinnington and Anston. It would also be very easy to add a train station and other facilities such as a resource centre.

    1. Colin Tawn.

      The Plaxton’s site is NOT a suitable location for a supermarket or any other type of buildings.
      1) The entrance/exit onto Ryton Road close to a narrow road section under the bridge is a traffic hazard.
      2) The site is prone to flooding.
      “Petrol storage tanks should be located
      underground, clear of the foundations of buildings
      and not within buildings or in or within
      approximately 6m of basements. The centre lines
      of any tank openings or off-set filling points should
      be not less than 4.25m from the public
      thoroughfare or any other boundary of the filling
      station; but where there is an imperforate wall at
      the boundary extending sideways not less than 6m
      from any filling point and not less than 3m in
      height, filling points may be located close to the
      boundary. The locations chosen should allow for
      tank openings or off-set filling points to be in the
      open air to ensure adequate ventilation for
      dispersing accumulations of vapour; and to be
      separated from occupied buildings by a distance
      sufficient to minimise the effect of radiant heat on
      buildings (eg 12m from living accommodation, 6m
      from other types of occupied buildings) unless the
      openings to such buildings are themselves
      adequately protected (ie to a minimum standard of
      half-hour fire resistance).
      That is why building on the vacant Plaxton’s site is a non-starter.


        Colin. A roundabout could be put where the traffic lights are, the plaxtons offices knocked down and access brought in from that end. There are two petrol stations there already, so it wouldn’t be wise to add a third. This is already a light industrial site and turning it into a supermarket would be a lesser evil. Building more houses on this site will just make the issues in Anston greater, rather than more sustainable. The other Plaxtons site could be accommodated on the industrial estate, which would free up more land for a civic centre in the middle of Anston. RegardsTim

  3. Colin Tawn.

    The Chairman of Anston Parish Council John Ireland does a very passable impression of Mr. Pastry (Google is your friend). Without the assistance of Michael Gazure-Clerk to the council-he is unable to follow the written agenda, and he is one of the reasons why APC meetings are a shambles.
    Phil Beevers has backed off criticising the councillors he would much prefer we all ‘move on’, however until current complaints are fully resolved we cannot move forward because residents who have complained about individual councillors are still left in the dark without satisfactory answers from Ms. Collins RMBC’s Monitoring Officer. It was left to Labour councillor Jo Burton to shoot herself in the foot (again) and provide some light relief.
    When I asked a question about a part of the Localism Act Labour councillors sat transfixed in their chairs staring into space ie: They didn’t have a clue about the question or any idea of the answer, it was left to Independent councillors Clive Jepson and Stuart Thornton to reply to my question. Thanks guys, at least you tried.
    Significantly, councillors St.John, Dalton, Stonebridge and Wardle were conspicuously absent. Strange isn’t it? The Independent Person from RMBC agrees to a public meeting with councillors and residents and four councillors who-allegedly-represent their voters failed to turn up. Four councillors against whom complaints have been made to Ms. Collins.
    Answers on a ‘Post-It’ note why they stayed away from the meeting.

  4. Colin Tawn.

    If you have any info about this Lewis I’d be grateful if you can post it. According to the link I posted :
    ‘and to be separated from occupied buildings by a distance sufficient to minimise the effect of radiant heat on buildings (eg 12m from living accommodation, 6m from other types of occupied buildings) unless the openings to such buildings are themselves adequately protected (ie to a minimum standard of half-hour fire resistance)’
    a developer would be breaking the law.-Unless there is a proposal to demolish the Shell petrol station or build well away from the A57 side of the site and/or build another entrance/exit?
    What a view from your windows; A coach repair facility, an iron bridge and the A57!
    No accounting for tastes I suppose………………

      1. Colin Tawn.

        Biggest problem with the map is it does not identify either the A57, Ryton Road or the Plaxton site in any detail. The old Bennet saw works site on Main St. Anston could possibly have 6+ homes built on it and the houses would not be near any potentially explosive vapours plus it is a brownfield site and in an existing residential area.
        Back on topic……………………..
        It was evident yesterday (Monday) Phil Beevers was rather shaken by the strength of feelings by Anston residents. He thought his attempts to bring APC into line with best practice were working but plainly during last night’s meeting he could see and hear Labour councillors up to their old tricks and John Ireland incapable of controlling them or the meeting.
        Four residents praised the work of Independent Borough councillor Clive Jepson. Nobody praises Anston Labour councillors. Ever.
        The chinks in Labour’s armour are starting to get bigger because their past bad behaviour has caught up with them and they have no more excuses to offer.

  5. my england

    shambles take that to be the independents then. can you see them at the town hall if they get power in anston never happen


      My England. Another anonymous person who likes to make comments, but doesn’t like people to know who they are, I wonder why. The people of Anston will decide, who they want to represent them. I am sure people are waking up to the fact that Labour sell them down the road as much as the Tories. Regards Tim

  6. Moonshine

    Colin sorry couldn’t be at the meeting but was well informed, even thou you there you didn’t get it quite right.
    It seems Phil Beavers really did see where the problem lies with very rude behavior of independents little follows.
    Perhaps John Ireland was to shocked and embrassed to try and calm it down or just thought it better to let everyone see the problems for themselves.
    I am also told labour were praised along with other councillors exception to one who decided it was better to obstain his vote against extending the cutler pub, which concerns were raised, when asked if he would apologize at a later date if things change councillor Jebson did not reply.
    Oh and by the way tick tock Tim loooooook into my eyyyyyeeeeesssss and now do you know who I am lol 🙂

    1. Colin Tawn

      I am not wrong in my analysis of Monday’s APC meeting. You say you were ‘well informed’. I say you were told a different version of events and Lewis Sadler’s (ilovedinnington) OP validates everything I wrote.
      When will you people realise the Labour party does not have the Monopoly on Truth and Wisdom?
      Time to wake up and smell the coffee.


      Can I assume that this is Kevin? Lets see how the public vote, I suspect they won’t be painting the town red, unless they have been on moonshine. Cheers Tim

    3. lovedinnington Post author

      John Ireland tries his hardest I think so credit to him for doing that on a Council dominated by some truly terrible characters. Mr Beavers to some degree has an impossible job, two sides have aligned who will simply never agree so long term they are just going to have to settle it via the ballot box. I think the Independents are needed on the Council, however as they are the only balance against a Labour monopoly and we only have to look at the sorry state of affairs in Rotherham to see how that ends up.


    I spoke to Bernard yesterday, when he was out delivering flyers, no sign of Jo Burton yet. Interesting that the RMBC debt is half a billion pounds. When they took over from Kiveton rural district we were cash rich and had far better services.

    1. my england

      bernard putting out flyer,s why is he opening a fish shop or something dont think jo burton will worry she will win it with a country mile

    1. Colin Tawn

      You’re obviously easily pleased!
      I suspect you are one of Labour’s Compliant Drones ie: if it wears a red rosette you’ll vote for it.,


    I have seen pictures of Judy Dalton and Jo Burton picking up litter on the Woodland drive area, I wonder if this his her publicity drive for election, along with the litter pick in the wood by the side of the Little Mester. I think there will be some really shocked people come May 2014, as the old guard get ousted.

  9. Colin Tawn

    So Jo Burtons contribution to Anston is to pick up litter left by the residents in Woodland Drive?
    She obviously cannot see the value in educating people not to drop litter which spoils the area for decent folks or asking the residents to volunteer for a mass litter pick.
    No wonder they vote for her, they are as daft as she is.

    1. my england

      o thats right did thornton pick up litter with judy dalton wonder why o yes the press was ther no wonder they vote for him they are as daft as he is

      1. Colin Tawn

        If you had researched why Stuart Thornton volunteered to help with the litter pick you wouldn’t have posted such a crass and ill informed comment.
        He volunteered because Burton and Dalton were going to turn the whole thing into a Labour propaganda exercise. After the litter pick was completed Burton called the photographer to one side and made sure her photograph appeared in the Advertiser two weeks after the litter pick.
        Do try and keep up.


      Colin that was my point when I brought it up at a meeting. I am happy to help pick up littler, if we educate people not to throw it down. What we should be doing is getting all the local schools to get together and do a mass little pickup across the village. Like dogs it shouldn’t just be for Christmas. Cheers Tim

  10. S Thornton

    My My, Moonshine and My England Don’t seem to like me.
    I have not been part of this post, yet they feel the need to drag me in. I must be doing something right.
    Labour Party supporters obviously feel that I am a very creditable opposition to their plans, otherwise I would not be mentioned.
    I will continue to stand up for what`s right for Anston, and I will continue to fight to get the good people of Anston, a better deal that they get at the moment from the Labour (shambles) Party.
    Maybe I should stand against Cllr Burton and give her a run for her money, 223(4) is not so hard to beat.
    Note again, Moonshine and MY England continue to snipe behind false names, come out of the closet, and identify yourselves, if you dare. There is no creditability in what you say, when you hide.


      Stuart. It would be interesting to know if Moonshine and My England benefit from a Labour controlled parish council, I wonder what the benefit to them is? Because 90% of people in Anston don’t. Cheers Tim

  11. Moonshine

    Good for you Jo, good community spirit.
    Rudeness once again Mr Tawn saying residents of Woodland Drive are not very well educated and daft, perhaps if you are seeking votes for your party you really ought to think about what you are saying.
    I would rather help Woodland Drive pick there litter up that children drop than have to help with Lakeland Drives well educated people , with there dog shit problem that you and Mrs Saddler say they have got.
    While we are on a roll Stuart talking about coming out of the clossit is it time for you to admit what party you stand for, or do we just enjoy posting flyers with Mr Tawn on the same road as Bernad and Mrs Ennis 🙂

    1. lovedinnington Post author

      Litter and dog poop is a problem everywhere as is cleanliness generally, fly tipping etc.

      I go walking and biking all over and Lakeland, Woodlands, the Stones and all woodland locally suffers the same, just lots of inconsiderate people who won’t clean up after themselves.

      I pick up where I live and would applaud anyone else for helping too, even if they are partly doing it to get in the papers.

    2. Colin Tawn

      “I would rather help Woodland Drive pick there litter up that children drop”
      So you agree with me that parents who allow their children to drop litter are poorly educated.
      Education is not just about the three R’s is it?
      Once again you resort to Labour’s old tactics of attacking the questioner instead of answering the question. A very poor effort.
      As you are a supporter of Jo Burton you can answer the questions she refused to answer; What has RMBC done with the £30 million they were given prior to 2010 to spend on repairing and maintaining the roads in the borough? Why does her election leaflet say she has ‘lived in North Anston for over 24 years’ when she used to live in Woodsetts and now lives in South Anston?
      As a Rotherham Borough councillor she must be proud-with all the Labour councillors-that Rotherham is the CSE capital of Europe.
      Not much to boast about is it?
      Unlike you I have no problem putting my name to posts on here.

    3. lovedinnington Post author

      Another thing I hate is this divisive politics, Labour apologists who have nothing sensible to say, so let’s stick Lakeland Drive up against Woodlands, Dinnington up against Anston, come on here, we are one community joined at the hip. I love Dinnington AND Anston and would never want anything to do with this one road vs. another road crap.

      1. Moonshine

        Obviously you have forgotten your previous posts and perhaps you will realise for yourself that I am only commenting on what you have posted and said at previous council meetings.
        To be a good lier you have to have a good memory lol 🙂

      2. lovedinnington Post author

        Sorry you’ll have to explain that one, please tell me what posts you refer to and what lies I’m supposed to have said.

        What you are saying makes about as much sense as your spelling.

  12. Colin Tawn

    ‘Sorry you’ll have to explain that one, please tell me what posts you refer to and what lies I’m supposed to have said.
    What you are saying makes about as much sense as your spelling.’


    1. Moonshine

      Evening boys its all very quite cannot think why, pity you have got nothing better to say than to pull my spelling down mr Sudler and your echo Mr tarn lol.
      You want me to point out the lie mr tarn well here is one, labour councillors were thanked and praised for voting against the extension to the cutler because of its uncertainty, so there for on your previous post you lied.
      Why is it when you return post you only mention the Labour Party perhaps Mr Tarn you could now enlighten us on the more important issue of why an indepentant councillor and you are seen delivering flyers for which party. :))

      1. Moonshine

        I was talking to Mr Tarn as you know but you don’t seem to be able to help yourself getting involved, in something that doesn’t concern you love dinnington not Anston 🙂

      2. lovedinnington Post author

        We love Dinnington and Anston so not interested in being divisive!

        This is also the Internet and if you post here the entire world can see it and may choose to comment.

        Don’t let this stop you commenting though I like a good debate! Lol

      3. Colin Tawn

        ” labour councillors were thanked and praised for voting against the extension to the cutler because of its uncertainty, ” Really??
        Thanked by whom? You’ve admitted you were not at the meeting so it is very unlikely your statement is true.
        You hide behind the name moonshine. Can we be sure you’re not drinking it?
        I cannot be bothered to keep replying to your silly remarks so I’ll bring this thread back on topic;

        Phil Beevers is one the appointed Independent Person’s on RMBC. His independence is under scrutiny because he admitted Kimber has told him to ‘sort out the problems in Anston’.
        An Independent Person should not be taking orders from the CEO. A CEO who is a cast-off from Wigan where he was director of environmental services. He brought the ‘mental’ part with him that’s for sure.
        Labour councillors in Rotherham are used to steamrollering items through an agenda with little or no opposition-by sheer force of numbers. Anston Parish Council has four Independent councillors who are democratically elected to question why Labour councillors try to spend our money on totally inappropriate items ie: Judy Dalton and her fetish for a Chairman’s Chain of Office, spending £252,000 buying greenbelt land that always was and will remain part of the greenbelt. Just two examples of wasteful spending.
        No wonder Jacqui Collins and Kimber send Phil Beevers to mediate, the lunatics are running the asylum.

  13. S Thornton

    My My Moonshine, all over the place aren’t we.
    YES I was delivering leaflets, not for UKIP, but for CHARITY. I did not hear you complain when I was picking up litter for the Community, You remember, that was the litter pick our RMBC Cllrs Burton and Dalton organised as a Labour Propaganda stunt. You will also remember that was the same day that when all the Community Volunteers had gone home, Jo Burton sneaked back and stood next to all the black bin bags for a photo op. HOW LOW CAN YOU GO.
    I would welcome your comments on Jo Burtons actions

  14. S Thornton

    My My Moonshine (again)
    At the beginning of this string you say you were not at the meeting. So how come your so well informed. The detailed information you give could only have come from someone who was actually there. And you have the audacity to say that Mr Tawn lies,
    I see your still hiding behind the name “moonshine” when you are criticising others, still the coward.
    As long as you refuse to state your real identity, your comments are worthless and lack any credibility at all.
    Man or Mouse (skweeek skweeek).


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