Annual Parish Meeting in Dinnington April 14th 2014

Dinnington Town Council want to hear your view on all issues Dinnington related, be it Sure Start centres, protecting our greenbelt, dog poo or any of the other stuff we like to moan about.

A Parish meeting will be held at the Lyric on the above date and all residents of Dinnington are invited to come along and make their views known on the issues of the day.

All agenda items you wish to see included should be lodged with the Clerk no later than 4pm on Friday 28th March 2014.

In other news from Dinnington Town Council:

1. The Town Council refuse to allow a local referendum in Dinnington to decide on housing developers proposals to tarmac over our countryside. Chair of Council says it will have to come to the Parish meeting (see above)

2. The A57 works are due to end in early April, but works will soon start to sink a pedestrian tunnel on the Lindrick side of the road, this will involve some weekend closures and a diversion through Anston whilst being carried out.

3. RMBC are described as liars by certain Councillors, congratulations on catching up chaps, we told you that a couple of years ago!

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