North Anston Recycling Site sees Opening Times cut

The Magilla Recycling Site in North Anston will now open 6 days per week instead of the current 7. This is in line with changes throughout Rotherham as RMBC fights to balance it’s budget.

No sign of them cutting back on the number of Councillors or their stratospheric allowances (compare and contrast with nearby Sheffield), everyday services continue to take one for the team.

Councillors voted for the measure as they flocked in droves to approve the budget, all Labour Councillors followed the party line and said “Aye”

Another example of North Anston “going for a Burton?”


6 thoughts on “North Anston Recycling Site sees Opening Times cut

  1. Moonshine

    Glad to see councillor Thornton and burton getting on so well in this picture, it must be a cemetery meeting 🙂

    1. Independent Anston

      The only way to improve services and reduce cost’s is to leave the borough and go back to the rural district.

  2. S Thornton

    I am obviously the handsome one in the front. Did you notice that I had nothing to do with this post, but “moonshine” has felt it necessary to “drag ” my name into it. Did you also notice that when ever “moonshine” dares to criticise me its done under an assumed name. Only cowards do this . I challenge “moonshine” to come clean, and reveal their identity. We all know this is not going to happen.

  3. S Thornton

    To get back to the issue that was posted.
    I have put this closure issue on the Agenda for the Meeting of Anston Parish Council. This is another case of RMBC cutting services to Anston people. I wish to ask Jo Burton and Judy Dalton, both Labour Cllrs, why they voted to cut our services, the very services we pay for. Just look around Anston and see the amount of rubbish that is laying around. Cutting the opening hours of the site will only mean more fly tipping. Cllr Jo Burton is up for Election in Two Months, we should hold her accountable for her actions.

    Whilst I am willing to stand up and fight against cuts for the people of Anston, it seems our RMBC Labour Members just roll over and do as they are told by RMBC.

    Would you vote for someone who cuts your services, and then votes to raise your Council Tax, Cllr Burton did.
    Come the May Elections I think its in Anston`s interest, to vote, ANYONE BUT LABOUR

    1. Independent Anston

      Hi Stuart.

      The name moonshine says it all for me.

      These are things I am aware that Anston has lost since 1975, can you or anybody else add to the list. Council offices South Anston, turned into old peoples home, old peoples home now closed. Council offices and dept on Dog Kennel Lane. Library and information centre. Youth Club. Bearing in mind we expanded 4 times since 1996, what is going off.

      Cheers Tim


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