Rotherham Labour Party Target Dinnington Greenbelt Again!

Rotherham Council have unveiled their latest “consultation” in responses to comments made on their local plan by a government inspector who must approve before the house building on greenbelt extravaganza can begin.

Housing and Employment Land Distribution 2013 - 2028

Some highlights:

1. No priority given to brownfield first, lots of people even greenbelt campaigners believed the Council when they said they would go brownfield first, but they have now confirmed what a lot of us always knew, there is no instrument left in planning law to do this.

Therefore developers can leave brownfield sites derelict and go straight to green field.

2. The Council intend to set the level of Community Infrastructure Levy (a charge developers must pay to contribute to local infrastructure) ridiculously low in Dinnington and North Anston. It will be cheaper for developers to build on our countryside than derelict council estates in Sheffield.

3. An extra 200 and odd houses planned for Dinnington, the majority on greenbelt with no investment in local amenities and infrastructure.

4. No new retail developments, just 16% of Rotherham’s industrial units that will be moved out here.

5. Five percent of all houses in Rotherham to be built on our green belt.

Have your say on the consultation HERE.

9 thoughts on “Rotherham Labour Party Target Dinnington Greenbelt Again!

  1. S Thornton

    Do you know the proposed location of the extra “200 and odd” ??. I am sure our local RMBC Cllrs will be happy to answer our questions. I do recall Cllrs Burton and Dalton trying to take credit for the “reduced” number of Houses in our area. Cllr Burton, who is up for Election in May, had a “flip flop” at the last Parish Meeting in Anston. She said she was not in favour of houses being built in Anston Greenbelt. Porky pies, just ask the Dinno Greenbelt Group.

  2. R Green

    Would you agree that we need some form of housing in our local area? What hope have the younger generation got to buy a house when no more are being built?

    1. lovedinnington Post author

      Yes I would certainly agree with that, however there are already lots of houses for sale at low prices in our area, the problem is the economy is in the doldrums and people, esp youngsters will struggle to afford even these prices. The new homes planned for the area will not be social or affordable in any way, they will be expensive executive homes built on our countryside and will mainly go to people moving in from Sheffield and other areas.


      Yes those leaving home need affordable housing, but this won’t be affordable housing. Wouldn’t it be better for the young to purchase new housing on brownfield sites, close to where they will be working in Sheffield and Rotherham. We need to leave farming land for growing food on, as a country we need to be more sustainable in this area.

      1. lovedinnington Post author

        Personally I would like to see Dinnington and Anston grow by around 500-700 houses over the next 15 years as I think that would be sustainable. I think the Council is in cloud cuckoo land with a figure of 1500 as the local market wouldn’t support it, the house builders just want their pick of the nice countryside and to leave brownfield derelict.

  3. R Green

    @Independentanstonpolitics, why should people who have grown up in this area move out? We live in a commuter part of the world wear most of the population commute to the big towns. I work in Sheffield but commute by bus and I am still involved in my local community. Why should people leave this area? Who will replace them? And again I am looking to buy in Anston the average house price for your 3 bedroom semi is £120,000

      1. independentanstonpolitics

        That’s my point, the houses are more likely to go to people who already live outside the area. But on top of that, who wants to waste the time and petrol travelling into Sheffield or Rotherham every day. That’s why I left HSBC in 2000. We need to build more sustainable communities, where people can work, live and play. We need to be more socially responsible.

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