Rotherham Council Target Sure Start in Dinnington and Anston

The Whole of Rother Valley South could be stripped of vital children’s centres.

Just when you thought they couldn’t get any lower…..!

RMBC Councillors have decided that 2 million pounds needs to be saved over the next few years and have targeted 13 Sure Start centres throughout the borough. Of course it is only out for consultation at this point but as we have learned over the last couple of years RMBC’s idea of consult is most people’s understanding of “rubber stamp”

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Councillors who pay themselves a million pounds a year have decided that Sure Start has to take one for the team rather than cut out the junkets and other loony tune projects that make up the Rotherham gravy train.

RMBC’s web site says:

“It is proposed to keep open the children centre buildings where there are more than
400 vulnerable children under 5 years of age living in the most disadvantaged areas
(30% super output areas as at 31st March 2013). When evaluated, this equates to
having 7 children centre areas (incorporating 9 buildings) across the borough.”

Rother Valley South is looking at the possibility of losing all it’s Sure Start centres, they will be replaced by “outreach” sessions according to an RMBC representative today who could not explain or elaborate on what that means.

Apparently Dinnington and Anston only have “pockets” of deprivation therefore we are not worthy.

So whilst other areas of Rotherham get leisure facilities, keep their council service centres and Sure Start facilities we once again have to take one for the team. Why exactly do we pay our Council tax again?

So other parts of Rotherham represented by cabinet members can benefit.

Not content with handing over our countryside to housing developers, leaving us without service centres and leisure facilities Rotherham Labour tighten their strangle hold on our town with this.

Labour Councillors up for election this year Jacquie Falvey and Jo Burton are going to have some explaining to do here.

11 thoughts on “Rotherham Council Target Sure Start in Dinnington and Anston

  1. S Thornton

    I attended a meeting of the Area Assy tonight at Anston Parish Hall. The person telling us of the £808,384 cuts to youth services, could not/ would not say if Anston was effected. I was told to “Google it”.
    Strange, but it seems that ALL the Children`s Centres in the Rother Valley South area are due to close.
    What`s even better, four of our local Labour Cllrs were sat there and offered no resistance at all (Cllrs Dalton, Burton (Anston) Falvey and Havenhand, (Dinnington)).
    Cllr Burton who is up for Election in Anston in May, failed to speak up against the cuts for the people of Anston. So why does she think the people of Anston will vote for her.
    They all knew what was to close, yet said nothing.
    Would you vote for someone who doesn’t stick up for our village, I don`t think so.

    1. independentanstonpolitics

      The only way we will resolve this issue, is to leave RMBC and go back to the old rural district. The old rural district was run much cheaper and better. Population growth since 1975 is 1.5 times and we could have the opportunity to purchase services of other districts. We had a great youthclub in Anston at one bit, which RMBC allowed to go to rack and ruin. I am putting some meat on the bones of my new web site for Anston.

  2. Tim

    This issue won’t go away until we make our Parish councils Independent of any party politics. We also need to take a step back in time, to when rural districts spent the money more wisely and gave us far better services for our money.

  3. dave4dinnington

    It should be made clear that the two Dinnington councillors were there because Havenhand is the chair, which gets an extra £5,130 a year, and Falvey, Havenhand’s sister, was there because she is vice chair. What affects Dinnington also affects Anston, we have areas that are the most deprived in Europe. It would seem that Dinnington is always seen by Rotherham as an easy target, could this be because we have weak Borough councilors and town council. It is time we had people who will fight for Dinnington and Anston not just follow the party line.

    Dave Smith

  4. Independentanstonpolitic

    Hi Dave
    I totally agree we need Parish and Borough councillors that stand up for local people. However if you go around all the new industrial units like I did in the last few weeks, you will find many more jobs than when the pits were here. However companies have located here to avoid higher rates in Sheffield and the jobs are not filled by local people. We need to get people off requiring state assistance, into meaningful work that pays at least a living wage, the minimum wage is an insult and degrading. I am still awaiting a response from our local Ukip candidate in Anston, all I have seen is a standard UKIP flyer, with their standard party line. That was one of the reasons why I wouldn’tt stand for UKIP, along with another reason which I prefer to discuss in private. All the best Tim

  5. Independent anston politics

    I went into the Dinnington offices of Kevin Barron and asked somebody the direct question and was told Kevin stays in his flat in Rothervalley on the odd occasion he is up here, which is about 1 day a week. Nobody would answer this question in writing. This means his main residence is no longer here. I understand he has a house else where in the country as well as London. This shows how much this guy thinks of Rothervalley and isn’t fit to represent us. Anybody standing against him needs to play on this point.

  6. M

    I am a big believer of supporting the youths in our area but when I look at how many people have used the facility, in Anston for instance, should we be paying to keep it open there when it can be moved to a more suitable location?

    1. lovedinnington Post author

      Do you know why so few were using it? It would seem to be in the right place, there are rumors circulating about people being unhappy with the way it has been run but no concrete info.

      1. M

        Thats the age old question. How do we get people involved? I doubt the service was an issue as it wasn’t underfunded, it is run by people who care. Even though I think its a shame that it has to close I understand that we shouldn’t be funding an under used service in an age of austerity

      2. lovedinnington Post author

        I would think there would be a demand for a SureStart in the Woodlands area in North Anston, maybe the existing service was in the wrong place?

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