Labour Fires the First Shot in Run Up to the Elections

Got this through the post the other day from our local Labour politicians. May is election time and they have wasted no time at all by starting things off with this little note.

Shame about the photographs, come on guys, get yourselves a decent photographer!


5 thoughts on “Labour Fires the First Shot in Run Up to the Elections

  1. dave4dinnington

    Got mine on a very cold Sunday morning at 9.30 am it was delivered by a guy who works at the resource center. They have put 6000 of these out none of them delivered by the four in the photograph, they were staying in the warmth. It would seem they are too frightened to face the electorate on the door step, it will be the same during the May elections. You will not see, unlike me, Councillor Falvey delivering leaflets, nor will she or the other candidates be holding public meetings. So I challenge all the other candidates to have a joint public meeting so the public can form a proper informed choice on who to vote for. At the last election the only time any candidate, besides me, was seen was at the count, Conservative and UKIP didn’t bother. In fact UKIP didn’t even put out a leaflet, I will be holding street meetings and public meetings throughout the area. You will also be able to follow me on my Blog at

    Dave Smith
    Truly independant

      1. dave4dinnington

        Yes but the most important part of the sandwich is the filling the rest of it is just two pieces of bread, and you can’t tell the difference between them.
        Dave Smith

  2. S Thornton

    This is just what Labour do in an Election year. This is just another Labour scam to get around the strict financial regulations that Candidates have to follow at Election time. All Candidates have to keep account of all the expenses they spend as soon as they declare they are going to stand. What Labour does is send out “Labour Party” leaflets/Material under the guise of it being Labour paperwork and not the Candidates, in order to circumnavigate the rules. Who do you think pays for Material ?, YOU DO Joe public, Cllr Falvy is obliged to “donate” Around 7% of all the “Expenses” she receives from RMBC to the Labour Party. That’s the “Expenses” she receives from RMBC via our Council Tax. So next time you see a labour leaflet, ask why you are paying for it. By the way, the Independent Candidates have to stump up their own cash, which in my opinion shows more commitment to the Community they serve. ABL


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